Paul Liversidge joins XTM International as Business Development Director

Paul Liversidge at XTM International

Paul Liversidge joins XTM International as Business Development Director

Paul Liversidge XTM InternationalWe are pleased to announce that Paul Liversidge has joined XTM International as Business Development Director. Based in Buxton, UK he will report to Shamus Dermody and will drive sales activities in the EMEA region. As a Business Development Director, Paul will focus on expanding market share for XTM Cloud as well as building and expanding XTM’s presence in the EMEA market.

Paul is a seasoned sales leader with extensive experience in business development, account, and sales management in the language technology and services space. His specialties include translation and localization solutions, consulting, strategic and solutions sales, and customer acquisition, to mention a few. Prior to joining XTM, Paul has managed sales and developed strategic customer relationships for companies including Vodafone, Applied Language Solutions, and LanguageWire.

We took the opportunity and had a chat with Paul about his past experiences, current role, and sales in general. We were also curious about his view on what’s currently trending in language technology. Here’s what he shared.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What interesting changes and trends do you currently see in the language space?

Paul Liversidge: It’s common knowledge that the language industry is, and has been for a number of years, realizing big changes. I see tremendous progress in technology that enhances automation and connectivity on the management side of localization. As for the translation itself, there’s the rapid progression of NMT and AI.

Other accompanying trends I see are content-related. More and more content requires translation these days – it is now less likely that companies will translate certain elements of their content strategy and more likely they will localize the whole strategy package. It’s a growing trend for companies to use intelligent automation, machine translation, and post-editing machine translation to cut down on time and costs.

There are also trends I see with users, those managing content for translation and those managing the localization process. Localization managers are now much more knowledgeable about translation technology and workflows, and thus more demanding in terms of third party solutions. No longer are users happy to settle for just an adequate solution, they look for as much value-add as possible.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: How did you get started in the language industry?

Paul Liversidge: To be honest, I joined the language industry purely by chance as a result of the 2008/2009 recession. I joined a small LSP as a Business Development Manager and progressed to being a Strategic Account Director. After moving to a more disruptive, technology-led LSP, I was promoted to the UK Sales Manager position.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: How long have you been working in localization? Why exactly did you choose this career path?

Paul Liversidge: In my case, this industry chose me, rather than me choosing it. It quickly became apparent during those 12 years, that it is a very interesting, challenging and growing industry for which I’m a good fit.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What are your thoughts on the role of AI in translation and localization?

Paul Liversidge: The demand for translation is growing at such a rate that something has to play a part in bridging the gap between demand and resource. If we continue to translate without some form of automation, we are likely to see demand far outweigh resources. AI is evolving fast and it continues to surprise with its considerable progression and the capabilities it already displays. In summary, it’s a juggernaut that will not, and perhaps, should not be stopped.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: Why XTM?

Paul Liversidge: After nearly 12 years in the industry, primarily working for LSPs, and the latter 3 years offering accompanying technology solutions such as APIs and connectors, it was time to transition away from a company focused on translation services revenue. I had developed a thirst for a much more technology-focused solution and one that provides real value to companies and professionals managing translations. I had been looking for a new employer that would offer such a solution for some time, but also one that truly stands out in the industry. In the end, I was pleased that my search ended up with XTM finding me. After learning about XTM Cloud, the team, the setup, and the culture of XTM, I saw myself as a good fit.
Ultimately, from a sales perspective, XTM is infinitely scalable and flexible, and it isn’t bound by rigid limitations, which means the value we bring to customers follows the same principle. Our value-add is truly bespoke to our customers.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What do you like most about your current role?

Paul Liversidge: While it is still early days, so far I’ve enjoyed working with the leading TMS provider that has a huge potential to disrupt the market with genuinely unique enterprise AI-driven functionality. I’m also fond of working with different teams, all of whom have been very friendly, welcoming, and extremely helpful.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: Which aspect of enterprise sales do you consider most challenging?

Paul Liversidge: To me, the toughest parts of enterprise sales are elongated sales and buying cycles, which tend to be ever-present with larger enterprises, the increased number of stakeholders with much reduced emotional involvement, such as procurement departments that are rarely involved for anything other than cost containment and do not always have the value of a solution to the company high on their list. I also find that increasingly complex customer solution specifications can be a challenge, but often in a positive way as customers’ requirements grow.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: As a salesperson, which XTM Cloud functionality do you see as a great enabler for organizations?

Paul Liversidge: Take your pick! From simple features such as the highly sought after in-context review in XTM Workbench, our CAT tool, to highly complex and endlessly customizable workflows with full end-to-end ‘lights-off’ strategy. As an infinitely scalable and flexible translation management system, XTM Cloud seamlessly integrates with leading content systems including content management systems, marketing automation platforms, MT engines, which gives organizations a competitive edge. Not to mention the software’s outstanding intelligent automation capabilities that automate tedious, repetitive translation and project management tasks. This truly cloud-based TMS boasts many enablers for organizations.

We are happy to have Paul on board, and wish him many successes in his new endeavors!