Powerful Connectivity – XTM Cloud 12.5 is out!

Powerful Connectivity – XTM Cloud 12.5 is out!

The new version of XTM Cloud mixes powerful connectivity with performance and usability.

The goal we set for XTM Cloud v12.5 was to bring more productivity enhancements for translators and project managers, with increased connectivity as a core theme of this release. We call the release “Powerful Connectivity”; we now have new native connectivity for the Contentful and Crownpeak CMS systems, have integration with the Slack communication platform for project related chat messaging, and have enabled connectivity to custom MT engines. Getting direct access to the content is mission critical nowadays in order to simplify translation projects and 12.5 aims to do just that.

Sara Basile, Product Manager, XTM International

New and enhanced connectivity

Do you need to create multilingual content within Crownpeak or Contentful? Would you like to connect to a custom MT engine, or chat with your team members on Slack about XTM projects? With XTM Cloud v12.5, all of this and more is now possible.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Power to the project manager

Localization project managers are dealing with more projects across multiple organizational teams. We have done some fine-tuning to make things easier when managing complex workflows, reviewing time sheets and overseeing localization costs.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Enhancing the translation experience

We recognize linguists need a productive translation environment and in version 12.5 we have aimed to further enhance their experience. We have provided more flexibility to customize the translation environment, perform additional QA checks, run easier searches, and auto-propagate filtered repetitions.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Advanced software localization experience

The new release offers improvements and support for users localizing software and apps. Users can copy or hide the segment ID. This means users can use a string ID to look up information in reference materials. Those who do not need to see segment IDs can hide them from view. Another addition is the support for plurals, which means better user experience for linguists working with target languages that require more than one morphological variant.

For users migrating translation memories we have mitigated the risk of Translation Memory loss due to different inline tags by an enhanced HTML filter.

New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

This release is part of the version 12 family, discover other productivity boosting features in XTM Cloud v12

 AI-enabled intelligence

All Vector Space enabled functionalities have been enhanced to produce more accurate results. Generic words are now automatically excluded from the term extraction list. This results in more accurate term candidates without linguists having to go through each and every term to validate it. In 12.5 we also improved NLP-based features such as auto-bilingual term extraction, the aligner and auto-placement of inlines for 10 additional Indian languages.

New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Further language support

In this release we’ve added further support for a number of African languages (Bemba, Changana, Dholuo, and Kasena), languages spoken in northeastern India (Manipuri and Nagamese) and indigenous languages of Americas (Kaingang and Nheegatu). Speakers of these languages will be able to seamlessly translate their content into a wide list of languages.

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