Quality Street

What’s your definition of “Quality”?

At XTM International we believe quality means quite simply doing what you say you will do. Quality is a promise to be kept. We understand the importance of keeping it and the negative consequences of breaking it.

This morning at LocWorld 44 a group of Localization Quality specialists gave us their insights, and there was plenty of common ground between them.

Esther Curiel of Indeed.com, Sankeshwari Deo of AutoDesk and Damien Fernandez of Booking.com, shared their thoughts in a discussion moderated by Kiril Soloviev of contentquo. Among the questions they addressed was the most fundamental one of all. Why have a quality management program at all?

In all cases, the speakers had identified a pressing need for transparency, alignment and consistency. Even when we have a Localization QM program in place, if it isn’t consistent across languages and territories, the danger of losing stakeholder trust is real and ever-present.

As Esther Curiel made clear, when stakeholders lose the appetite for engagement with a vendor, relationships and reputations can crumble. Lack of quality management and lack of direction can breed resentment. A “one size fits all” approach is a bad idea when navigating the nuance of multiple languages and cultures. A well thought-out quality program can rebuild engagement and trust, and this morning’s experts speakers agreed that it takes time and considerable effort.

The end goal? An improved user experience and a positive commercial impact.

Some years ago, in the days before COVID-19 when air travel was commonplace, I flew from London to Rome and found myself sitting next to a lady whose final destination was a capital city in Eastern Europe. In the course of our conversation I asked why she’d taken this route when she could easily have flown direct. Her choice had nothing to do with cost, convenience or the charms of an Italian detour. This option cost more and took longer, bringing inconvenience and no pleasure.

Her explanation was illuminating. On a previous trip, this lady had flown direct from London to the same Eastern European city. Shortly after take-off a meal was served, and she gently twisted the latch to release the table on the seat in front. To her shock, the latch twisted right off into her hand. She told me the next three hours were the most uncomfortable travel experience of her life, and she swore never to fly with that airline again in any circumstances.

Because if they didn’t care about the latch, what else didn’t they care about?

Today at LocWorld44 a group of industry experts gave us an enlightening and engaging road map to something better. Something that will ensure that clients won’t be asking “What else don’t they care about?”.

Effective quality management leads to effective relationship management and a stronger all-round user experience. Thank you to today’s speakers for showing us a path to Quality Street.