Quanos – Intelligent Simplicity

Quanos – Intelligent Simplicity

In 1995, with the internet in its infancy, Bill Gates appeared on the David Letterman talk show and attempted to explain how this new communication network might impact on all of our lives. During the interview, Gates foresaw the rise of Artificial Intelligence, suggesting that there might be a way to make computers think on their own. David Letterman didn’t treat the founder of Microsoft or the technology he discussed entirely seriously, but in different corners of the world, far-sighted entrepreneurs were picking up the baton and running with it.

1995 also saw the launch of SCHEMA. Founded by Marcus Kesseler and Stefan Freisler, SCHEMA became a byword for sophisticated component content management. Leading names across many industries have benefited from software that creates modular documentation in technical content, enabling the sharing of complex information and delivering the highest level of data security.

Today, these products are part of the Quanos content solution family, and SCHEMA ST4 is among the most widely used content management systems on the market. From a language technology perspective, it offers multilingual storage of document structures, clear representation of translation statuses, and detailed management of multilingual text and image variants.

It’s appropriate that SCHEMA products have found a home at Quanos, a game-changing provider of solutions for creating, managing and distributing technical and service data. And it’s no surprise that these pioneers are embracing cloud technology. The ambition for ST4 users is that they should be able to work remotely and in real time. Quanos want their users to benefit from the intelligent simplicity that the cloud offers, with solutions that are faster, easier to update and highly scalable.  

XTM International are in full agreement. XTM Cloud – soon to be upgraded with version 12.8 – delivers smart applications of NLP Artificial Intelligence, innovative problem solving and an intelligence network of best-in-class language technology.

So to those clients currently working with ST4, we say congratulations on choosing an excellent provider. And why not do yourselves another favour by choosing the world’s translation management system of choice? Automated translation of your ST4 files in XTM Cloud will unlock cost and time savings and deliver unmatched quality benefits. It will help you speak to the world. It will show you another level of intelligent simplicity.