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Melissa Lorraine
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Introducing Google Assistant support

XTM International is delighted to announce support for Google Assistant on XTM Mobile for Android devices. Google Assistant is a powerful tool enabling users to ask for information or perform tasks, simply using their voice – and XTM users can now do so to manage their localization projects!

“Hey Google, open XTM”

Using the voice assistant, XTM Mobile users can now perform a variety of tasks, without having to lift a finger. For instance, you could manage your projects from start to finish, check tasks, open settings or even email a user, simply by instructing Google Assistant to do so. Yes, it’s that easy.

Enhanced project management

We understand how important it is to be able to manage localization projects effectively, on the go. With that in mind, we’re introducing a number of new features which will allow you to do more from the app, more effectively: 

  • You can now create a project including a pre-processing workflow step, within the app. This is key for pivot translation, such as going first from Japanese to English, and then from English to Polish. All of this can be easily done on the go, ensuring that project creation is optimized.
  • It’s so simple and yet so important: being able to clone a project, so that you don’t have to select settings, templates, workflows or linguists all over again. You can now do so from the app, making project creation simpler than ever.

Seamless navigation

When using a hand-held device, being able to access the right functionality quickly and using as few clicks as possible, is key. Nobody wants to fiddle around to access a specific project or setting, which is why we’ve made a number of improvements:

  • Access your projects quickly and easily using the added “My projects”/”All Projects” filter, enabling Project Managers to focus on relevant projects only, without having to go through a long list of projects, which aren’t relevant, to find the right one(s).
  • Get instant access to newly created projects, as the app now automatically refreshes the project view once project analysis is complete. Besides, each project tab will now display a notification while the project is being analyzed, keeping project managers updated on progress.

Lastly, logging into XTM Mobile can now be much easier, as users will see an option to show their password.

XTM Mobile 3.0 is now available for download from

App Store              Google Play

For further information on XTM Mobile 3.0, please refer to the release notes.

XTM is client-led, and many upgrades in XTM Cloud and XTM Mobile are the result of user feedback. We value your suggestions for further enhancements, so please log in to XTM On Demand and share them with us via XTM Wish List.