See You Again Next Time

See You Again Next Time

The next time someone tells you that virtual conferences don’t work, tell them they should have attended LocWorldWide44.

A lot of hard work and expertise made this week’s event a stand-out success, and we’d like to say a few well-deserved “thank yous”

Thank you Ulrich Henes and Donna Parrish for organizing this excellent event and for your contribution to our industry, not just this week, not just this year but every year.

Thank you Hannah Fry for showing us how the flaws in human decision making and the limitations of AI can be overcome.

Thank you Esther Curiel, Sankeshwari Deo, Damian Fernandez and Kirill Soloviev for reminding us that quality management is the key to operational performance.

Thank you Cristina Anselmi, Michal Antczak, Peng Wang and Bruno Herrmann for showing us that Neural Machine Translation is a source of profitability, not just a focus of technical advancement.

Thank you Angelika Vaasa for your reminder that while Europe’s politician may not speak with one voice, the European Parliament is a place where they can speak to each other and speak to the world.

Thank you Belén Rubalcaba for demonstrating the vital bridge that terminology management builds towards localization management.

Thank you Dave Ruane, Wojciech Froelich, Iti Sahai, Heather Shoemaker and Giulia Tarditi for underlining the meaning of innovation  with a purpose.

Thank you Valeria Nanni, Miruna Parchirie, Jennifer Vela-Valido and Claudia Di Lorenzo for confirming that the right language service partner will always keep striving to do better for their clients and never take their business for granted.

Thank you Rikkert Engels, Rafał Jaworski, Maiju Nurminen, Anouk Perquin and Konstantin Savenkov for inspiring us with your innovations.

Thank you Marina Sedmak and Val Swisher for showing us how automation can fuel personalization in multilingual content.

Thank you Kimon Fountoukidis and Mariëtte Pepping for proving that attention to detail in marketing localization will always pay dividends.

Thank you Erica Belanger and Alessandra Binazzi for sharing the ASICS success story.

Thank you Wouter Maagdenberg and Agnes Vonk-Lub for giving us a glimpse into the value of localized support videos.

Thank you to everyone whose contributions made this such a positive, productive week.

See you again next time.

What was your highlight of LocWorldWide 44? Was there a session that particularly captured your imagination? Share your thoughts in this excellent event.