Sound and vision: live video subtitles – XTM Cloud 12.7

Sound and vision: live video subtitles – XTM Cloud 12.7

In XTM Cloud 12.7, translation quality and speed go hand in hand. We recognize the potential of visual assets and if they speak the language of your customers they are even more powerful. You don’t need an extra pair of eyes to spot source and target text inconsistencies – you have the right tools in XTM Workbench.

Go truly global with your multimedia content

XTM Cloud 12.7 introduces interactive previews to localize video subtitles. This is the new beta version of the feature included as standard in your package until the release of XTM v13.0 in Q1 2022. With the interactive previews, linguists have full video context so they can make more informed language choices. Interactive previews show them subtitles in source or target language(s) and identify potential text length issues immediately. Problems are eliminated at source, post-production rework is minimised, and time to market is slashed. We’ve also added an option to synchronize a video preview with a corresponding segment, or alternatively to unlink a video preview from a corresponding segment. Would it make your job easier if you could view video subtitles on one screen and translate them on the other? Now you can have the video player opened in a different browser tab or window. XTM Cloud 12.7 enables you to laser in on an issue and resolve it with the minimum of fuss.

Regular expressions – a powerful means to high-quality translation

We’ve added regular expressions to the Find and Replace option. By using a custom regex or a predefined one, you can accurately identify any mismatches between source and target texts, particularly those that are hard to spot, with a simple tailored search on criteria such as case-sensitive proprietary names or product alphanumeric codes. This feature delivers efficiency and quality, and cuts out inconsistency. The regex-based Find and Replace feature moves you one step closer to more accurate, higher quality translation.

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