Stay in the Zone

XTM LIVEStream 2021 brought together localization leaders across industries, nationalities and time zones to discuss the future of global communication and the technology that will drive it. Our theme – finding the Goldilocks Zone – explored the value of striking a balance between automation and human ingenuity in localization. Everyone has their own version of the Goldilocks Zone, and we were delighted to welcome a stellar list of speakers who told us about theirs.

Now it’s time to say thank you.

Thank you Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson of Nimdzi Insights for reminding us of the excitement and potential of tech disruption.

Thank you Konstantin Savenkov of Intento for proving that companies embracing the evolution of AI are best placed to deliver the benefits of AI.

Thank you Paulina Makles of XTRF for showing us that the best technology platforms are also platforms for sustained commercial success.

Thank you Michael Andrews of Kentico Kontent for explaining that with the right tools in place, digital transformation can come swiftly, profitably and internationally.

Thank you German Basterra of Nestle Global for showing us the value of tailored training that enables company-wide localization.

Thank you Rocio Gray of Crown Equipment for illustrating that working towards localization maturity can deliver direct benefits for global customers.

Thank you Yuka Kurihara of Scaled Agile for emphasising the need for balance, with intelligent automation working best when deployed by innovative people.

Thank you Grasi Hanke of Runkeeper for confirming that when an enterprise makes localization a priority from the earliest stages of product development, those products can truly go global.

Thank you Yana Brown of the Starz network for demonstrating that optimizing the client experience is crucial to winning the client’s loyalty.

Thank you Fei Liu of RS Components for reminding us that language technology that provides a central source of truth can boost confidence in our processes and underpin successful expansion.

Thank you Brock Hansen of Wish for showing us that having the mentality to embrace change and the tools to respond decisively to it can put us in the zone and keep us there.

Five months from now, on April 27th and 28th, we look forward to welcoming you to San Francisco for XTM Live 2022. We’ll enjoy meeting our friends and partners face to face again, and in the meantime we’ve enjoyed the positive response to the virtual localization technology event of 2021. Yesterday we invited you to join us and get in the zone. Today, and every day from now on, we’re inviting you to stay there. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. It’s just right for the global growth you deserve.

XTM International – Get in the Zone. Stay in the Zone.