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The Billion Dollar Question

XTM Livestream has become a highlight of the localization technology calendar, and this year’s event has been warmly welcomed by industry professionals...

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Taking You Where You Want To Go

World Tourism Day, celebrated each year on September 27th, is a day to remember the value of traveling, and embracing new languages and cultures. This year...

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Across oceans and borders

Today is a red letter day for pioneers. On August 25th 1875 Captain Matthew Webb made the first observed, unassisted swim across the English Channel. It...

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If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

When you’ve been a market leader for two decades it’s tempting to assume that you know what your customers think. At XTM International we resist that...

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Monday Motivation XTM International

Setting The Agenda

Sport thrives on the interaction between competitors and fans, and an Olympics held in the shadow of Coronavirus has inevitably been affected. But Olympic...

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XTM International announces XTM LIVEStream DACH

XTM International to host XTM LIVEStream DACH

London, May 7, 2020 – XTM International, developers of the leading enterprise translation management system, are pleased to announce the second...

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