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See You Again Next Time

The next time someone tells you that virtual conferences don’t work, tell them they should have attended LocWorldWide44. A lot of hard work and expertise...

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Don’t Go Changing

There’s always a way to add value for our customers. Over the past year, many people whose jobs previously sent them travelling to all corners of the...

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Term Time

Creating and managing terminology is a crucial first step towards localizing material into multiple languages. Do it well, managing the process at source...

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Partners in Progress

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” At XTM International, we believe our clients and partners deserve the best of...

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Quality Street

What’s your definition of “Quality”? At XTM International we believe quality means quite simply doing what you say you will do. Quality is a promise...

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The People Business

How can we retain our humanity and continue to use our ingenuity in the age of Artificial Intelligence? That’s one of the core questions under discussion...

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