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The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

“Golf is a game of luck. The harder I practice, the luckier I get” Ben Hogan Today, the world’s finest golfers are teeing off at Royal St George’s...

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Word of the Week XTM International

Word of the Week – Equalizer

When Alvaro Morata scored for Spain with ten minutes remaining in their Euro 2021 semi final with Italy last night, he breathed new life into his...

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Moving forward with NLP Artificial Intelligence

The 2020s are going to bring major developments in language AI to the fore. In the not too distant future we’ll see AI produce content on a large scale...

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The Symphony Release: Get In Tune With XTM Cloud 12.8

XTM Cloud 12.8, the Symphony Release, is here. Smart applications of NLP Artificial Intelligence, innovative problem solving and even more links with...

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XTM Cloud 12.8 – Selectivity

XTM Cloud 12.8 offers you the tools you need to play all the right notes. Enhanced Filter templates for Excel and MultiExcel files enable you to hide...

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XTM Cloud 12.8 – Connectivity

Connected systems are the future of localization and the Symphony Release brings you notably enhanced integrations between XTM Cloud and content...

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XTM Cloud 12.8 – Intelligent Simplicity

At XTM International, we don’t over-complicate problems. We prefer to focus on solutions, and the simpler we can make them, the better. The Symphony...

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