Taking You Where You Want To Go

Taking You Where You Want To Go

World Tourism Day, celebrated each year on September 27th, is a day to remember the value of traveling, and embracing new languages and cultures.

This year it’s also a day to mark the resurgence of the travel industry. Over the past year and a half, Coronavirus has forced large numbers of the tourism and hospitality workforce to seek roles in other sectors and disrupted one national economy after another.

Now it’s time for the comeback, and a comeback needs a plan.

Health risks and country-by-country travel restrictions remain a barrier, and consumers are price-sensitive. At the same time, environmental priorities are prompting enterprise organizations to reduce their business travel footprint; PwC, for example, is already working to a target to reduce emissions from business trips by 33% by 2022. And the accelerated growth of remote work and virtual meetings has further changed our travel outlook. Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicted in November 2020 that post-pandemic business travel will drop by 50% compared to pre-COVID levels.

So if consumers and corporations are going to be more discerning and cautious about their travel plans, it’s more important than ever to communicate the safety protocols and unique selling points of a destination, a mode of transport or an all-round travel package.

Clear, persuasive communication, in the language of the target audience, is the key to making 2022 the year the tourism industry wants and deserves it to be.

That no longer means simply having a translation service provider in place.

It means having translation management technology that centralizes your assets and puts quality control under your control.

It means having the ability to scale, enabling high volume management and high volume delivery.

It means having the ability to show true specialism through automated creation of multilingual glossaries and style guides, preserving brand values in any territory. XTM Cloud, for example, offers the leading bilingual terminology extraction tool in the world today, expertly harnessing AI to offer tailored bilingual terminology extraction to travel and hospitality organizations in 50 languages.

A next-generation translation management system delivers speed, savings, consistency and procedural excellence. It enables enterprise level organizations to speak to the world, and encourage others to travel the world.

We wish our friends in the travel and hospitality sectors all the success they wish for themselves in 2022, and when it comes to delivering that success we offer them far more than just wishes.

We offer them an essential element of their future prosperity.

Happy World Tourism Day from XTM International.