125th Virtual Boston Marathon

The Hard Yards

An XTM Cloud user told us recently that his client wanted to translate their company’s website into Japanese. We told him that no, they didn’t. The user was a little surprised until we clarified what we meant.

What his client wanted was to sell his products to Japanese consumers.

The way to get it was to translate and localize the company’s website into Japanese.

Elite athletes don’t want to get up at 6am on cold mornings and run on dark, frosty roads. What they want is to win races and titles. The way to get it is to put in the “hard yards” of a rigorous training program. There’s no short cut to meaningful success.

When we told our user what his client wanted, we weren’t splitting hairs. We were helping him prepare to win the race.

Once you’ve made the decision to localize, what are the key issues that will move you forward or hold you back?

Can you be sure your message has been translated in a way that considers cultural variations in terminology, phrasing and colloquialism?

In other words, do your multilingual terminology management processes serve your goals?

Can you be sure your translated content is as consistent as possible, making full use of existing language assets?

In other words, are your language assets centralized and easily accessible, not scattered out of reach?

Can you be sure you’re getting the job done as swiftly and efficiently as possible?

In other words, are you making the best use of artificial intelligence, connecting with best-in-class content management systems and enabling human ingenuity to thrive?

In summary, are you using a next-generation translation management system?

Language technology thought leader Andreas Ljungström knows more than most about the discipline required for successful global communication, and this week he showed another form of discipline and accomplishment in completing the Boston Virtual Marathon in three hours, seven minutes and 44 seconds. Over 30,000 athletes competed in this innovative event, completing the full marathon distance from their own homes in 114 countries and all 50 US states.

Two years ago, one of the world’s leading athletic events being organized in this way would have been unthinkable. But working remotely is now less of an exception than a norm, and Andreas Ljungström is proud of XTM’s capacity to support language industry professionals, whatever their location.

“It’s the job of technology providers to adapt to the client’s needs. XTM Cloud centralizes language assets, for example, enabling global organizations with a remote workforce to give designated users the swift access they need. The Virtual Boston Marathon brought 30,000 people together and gave each of us a strong sense of accomplishment. A number of XTM International’s enterprise clients employ more than 30,000 people, and our language technology helps to bring those people together every day.”

A next-generation translation management system puts in the hard yards for you, centralizing your assets and making smart use of artificial intelligence to automate processes and free up the time of linguists and project managers. It helps you win the race. Contact XTM International to find out more.