The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

“Golf is a game of luck. The harder I practice, the luckier I get”

Ben Hogan

Today, the world’s finest golfers are teeing off at Royal St George’s for the British Open championship. They could learn a lot from Ben Hogan, whose wry response to those who suggested he was lucky to win title after title sums up the focus and work ethic that elevates competitors into winners. Hogan is unique among British Open champions, the only player with a perfect record in the event. Reluctant to travel to tournaments outside the United States, he competed for the Claret Jug just once, in 1953, and won by eight shots. The hard work that went into that win is part of sporting folklore.

Hogan was obsessed with the fine details of the golf swing, practicing incessantly and constantly ironing out wrinkles in his ball-striking routine. This laser focus on the mechanics of the game gave him a clear path to success. When he faced a difficult shot under intense pressure, Hogan knew he had a process that he could rely on.   

That strikes a chord with us at XTM International, particularly with Alex Zekakis, the Head of the XTM Xperts team.

“Constantly striving to do better in service of our clients is what defines XTM, and XTM Xperts. We recognize the value of focusing on the building blocks of language and technology. The Grammar Checker we’ve added to the QA mechanism in XTM v12.8 gives clients an extra layer of automatic scrutiny, ensuring that the foundations of language are firmly in place, and that speed is always balanced with control. New Weighted Word Count functionality gives Project Managers precise information on how much work is required from Linguists to complete a project. Attainable and easy to digest calculations, reflected in a single metric category, that take into account internal repetitions and different levels of matches against Translation Memory in a source text provide the necessary clarity to the entire supply chain to define timelines and costs quickly and easily, effectively reducing lead times and cost/effort ambiguity”

The world’s leading golfers would certainly approve of the Visual Mode now available for Microsoft Word and PDF files. Great players think their way around the golf course, picturing the shots they want to play, the outcomes they want to achieve and the success they want to enjoy. XTM Cloud Visual Mode enables Linguists to see a translation through the eyes of its target audience so they can work faster and more efficiently towards a clearly defined goal. They can see their target language choices appear in real time, side by side with the source text, and will get an immediate feel for its suitability and persuasiveness. XTM Cloud enables users to picture success and achieve success.

Whoever wins the British Open this weekend will benefit from advancements in golf club manufacturing that Ben Hogan could only have dreamed of. The head of a golf club is now built with aerodynamics in mind, delivering less wind resistance and more club-head speed. Graphite club shafts are far lighter and stronger than before and driver heads are far bigger, so you can make imperfect contact with the ball and still hit it further and straighter.

If that makes modern golf sound easy, try watching the closing nine holes on Sunday afternoon. Some players will rise and many will crumble. The winner will master the equipment and the conditions and benefit from thousands of hours of practice and attention to detail.

They will win in the same way that XTM Cloud users win. The XTM Xperts team and everyone else in the company knows that the harder we work, the more skilled we become and the more innovative and effective we can be on the client’s behalf. And when the client wins, we win too.

Some people may choose to call that luck. Like Ben Hogan, we at XTM International prefer to call it professionalism.