XTM Cloud 12.7 – the language service professional’s trusted friend

XTM Cloud 12.7 – the language service professional’s trusted friend

XTM Cloud 12.7 gives Administrators increased flexibility to create analysis templates directly from the user interface. Project Managers will benefit from enhanced Quality Assurance profiles. We’ve enabled locking filter profiles for more focused work, and have given Project Managers the option to pre-assign themselves to projects created in XTM Bridge. We’ve also introduced a range of user experience enhancements in the project listing view, and improved Translation Memory Manager.

Excel analysis template configuration made easy

XTM Cloud Administrators can now configure Excel file filters and create analysis templates at the touch of a key from the intuitive user interface. Not everyone who contributes to translation projects is a technical wizard, and with XTM Cloud 12.7 they don’t have to be. The process of specifying a custom configuration for file analysis was designed for ease of understanding and use. We’re here for your benefit, to free up your time and give you the platform to do what you’re best at.

Quality Assurance with regular expressions

We’ve enhanced QA profiles with additional checks based on custom or predefined regular expressions. This way, linguists will be able to detect source-target pattern mismatches such as punctuation, alphanumeric and lowercase/uppercase discrepancies. Linguists at all levels of experience will benefit from pre-defined regex QA checks – it just takes a click for Project Managers to activate them! Project Managers are also able to define custom QA checks based on regular expression patterns. This is particularly useful when handling files containing text with multiple codes, alphanumeric, lowercase and uppercase.

New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Lock filter profiles in XTM Workbench

In XTM Cloud 12.7 Project Managers and Administrators can decide which segments to make visible to linguists on any given project. This means linguists can focus purely on content that requires their immediate attention. This functionality has been enhanced by the new extended option to hide repeated segments, which now also includes cross-file repetitions. Linguists only need to translate the first instance of a segment, and it will then be propagated automatically across all project files while the repetitions remain hidden. Where multiple linguists are working on the same project with text featuring a high number of repetitions, XTM Cloud automates the task of rolling out cross-file repetitions, hiding repeated segments and checking consistency across all repetitions. It saves you time, it saves you money, it maintains your quality and it protects your brand.

Pre-assign project managers automatically in XTM Bridge

Project Managers can be automatically pre-assigned to projects created via XTM Bridge. This is a game-changer for localization teams working to tight deadlines and needing to allocate resources swiftly and smartly.

New language variants in TM Manager

We have also introduced enhancements in the area of language pairs in Translation Memory and user experience. Dutch is now included in the language variants settings in XTM Cloud. This means, for example, that Project Managers can benefit from TM cross-leverage between Dutch for the Netherlands and Dutch for Belgium, and apply language variant penalty profiles, if necessary.

Quick access to critical project updates

Enhancements to the XTM user interface give you swift access to:

  • Information about updated source files or updated due dates. This is now available directly from within the Project listing page and via Advanced search.
  • Minimum and maximum due dates for workflow steps. This can now be displayed in a column on the Project listing page.

Find out about other exciting features in XTM Cloud 12.

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