The Language Service Professional’s Trusted Friend

XTM Cloud 12.7 intelligent Connectivity

The Language Service Professional’s Trusted Friend

The translation industry has evolved over the past years moving from monthly behemoth projects to small, frequently updated projects. The number of target languages we work with is rising steadily. In today’s 24/7 content economy companies want their blog posts, landing pages and emails to go live in all target languages simultaneously.

The change is significant and it leaves its mark on the load of the localization project manager. Dozens of project updates a day mean hundreds of emails a week and thousands a month. And it’s much more than that – it’s stakeholders, statuses, processes that you need to keep tabs on. Multiply it by the number of new projects and it’s plain to see the tremendous workload and dedication required on your part.

But there’s a solution out there, a connected localization hub. You might even call it a next-generation translation management system. Driven by intelligent automation, XTM’s localization hub connects project managers with linguists and vendors as efficiently as it connects diverse systems into one hub for a timely project delivery.

Bringing all stakeholders together and in line with project requirements. Connecting, supporting and augmenting them at every stage of their work – whether it’s project reporting, file analysis or quality assurance. The outcome is invariably the same: improved well-being, faster delivery and happy clients.

Check it for yourself!


In this fast-paced environment where change is the only constant, you need a technology partner to rely on. XTM Cloud is your trusted friend.

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