The Relay

Happy Constitution Day (Święto Konstytucji Trzeciego Maja) to everyone in Poland.

Happy Castilla-La Mancha Day (Día de Castilla-La Mancha) to everyone in Spain.

Happy Easter Monday (Δευτέρα του Πάσχα) to everyone in Greece.

And Happy May Bank Holiday to everyone in the United Kingdom.

For billions more people around the world it’s just another working day. And if those people need a service, it’s comforting to know that somewhere out there, just a call or a message away, is a highly suitable provider.

A global language service industry valued at $45 billion won’t carry passengers, and clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East won’t wait until tomorrow for a response they need today. Why should they?

So what’s the answer?

The athletics world record for the mile currently stands at 3.43.13 for men and 4.12.33 for women. The records for the 4 x 400 metres relay, with four team mates working together to cover exactly the same distance, are both almost a minute faster.

This isn’t rocket science, is it? Of course the relay teams are faster. And in the language service industry, the best relay teams don’t just include people. A translation project is a relay of the mind, and long stretches of the track can be covered by intelligent automation. When the starting gun is fired and the project begins, key questions need to be answered quickly.

Who should we allocate the project to?

What if Project Managers had the option to pre-assign themselves to projects, so this stage of the relay was already completed?

XTM Cloud 12.7 enables locking filter profiles for more focused work, giving Project Managers the option to pre-assign themselves to projects created in XTM Bridge.

Which terminology databases and style guides will help us preserve our brand values in new markets?

What if terminology extraction could be enabled automatically from a range of bilingual files?

XTM Cloud 12.7 delivers enhancements to Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI which applies to Auto-bilingual terminology extraction, Aligner and Auto-inlines. We’ve enabled Auto-bilingual term extraction to run on bilingual files such as TMX or XLIFF. So if you’re an XTM International customer, your linguists don’t have to plough through the “hard yards” researching terminology, companies and sectors.

How can we preserve the impact of our design content for a global audience?

What if diagrams and vector drawings could be imported seamlessly, without manual pre-processing and copying and pasting?

XTM Cloud 12.7 ensures your designs fully maintain their impact and persuasiveness in translation. Microsoft Visio diagrams and vector drawings from Sketch can now be sent to XTM Cloud and will be managed natively, cutting right back on file pre-processing and tedious copy and paste work.

XTM Cloud offers you a team mate that keeps working while the rest of us are taking a day off. Artificial intelligence will never take the place of human ingenuity, it just picks up the baton and keeps the relay moving forward, covering ground instantly when the same tasks might take linguists and project managers tedious hours.  

The client comes first, the team keeps working. So today, while our friends in London, Athens, Warsaw and Madrid will be taking time off, enhanced AI functionality ensures that important elements of their projects can be completed efficiently. The baton keeps being passed safely from one stage to the next. The things that matter to you are done swiftly and well.

Because if it matters to you, it matters to us.