Welcome to XTM International’s Blog!

The aim of this blog is to promote good practice and educate about translation management.
XTM has been a part of the localization community for over 12 years now, and is a combination of our individual experiences with translation, technology and project management.
We are passionate about multilingual communication and improving the way its being created all over the world.

Meet the team! 

BobBob Willans
Bob co-founded XTM in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the translation industry, he loves the challenge of developing really great software.

AndrzejAndrzej Zydroń
One of the foremost experts on localisation and related Open Standards with over 24 years experience in the field. Chief Technical architect of XTM Cloud. Passionate about Localization Open Standards having participated in a number of industry defining technical committees.

ShamusShamus Dermody
Graduate Diploma in Translation and Localization from the University of Limerick. 15 years in the translation industry primarily in the area of translation technology. Shamus specializes in business advisory in the area of translation management systems.

DomDominick Kelly
A qualified software engineer with over 11 years’ experience, Dominick focuses on working mainly with the computer game and engineering sectors. Being a member of a number of industry associations he is often speaking or attending most of the major conferences worldwide.

AgaAgata Śliwińska
Agata holds an MA in English and has been involved in teaching and the translating industry for a number of years. She is a translation management expert and knows XTM Cloud inside-out. Agata’s speciality is helping enterprises and translators to maximize their translation efficiency.

GrantGrant Blackburn
He focuses on advising language service providers and is responsible for coordinating a university programme aimed at promoting translation best practice. Grant uses his experience from the telecommunications industry to advise on quality and cost reductions in localization management.