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XTM 2016

The 2016 XTM recap

2016 has been a great and very busy year for XTM International. We have developed and implemented new, innovative features in XTM, opened new offices around the world and hired more people. Our team participated in the most important localization conferences, integrated our solution with new partners and released the most feature rich version of our online translation management system XTM Cloud v10.
Here are some highlights of our achievements in

XTM Beginning of the 2016

  • XTM Cloud 9.0 has a full integration with Clay Tablet.
  • The new XTM Suite logo is

Logo - XTM Suite

  • The new XTM 9.2 greatly improves the process of managing terminology by incorporating a completely rewritten terminology module.
  • XTM International will participate to all the main conferences in 2016 ( Locworld
    30 in Tokyo, Locworld 31 in Dublin, Locworld 32 in Montreal, GALA in New York,
    JABA, CIDM/DITA, ATC, Q1, Tekom, RSI, Ixiasoft, Drupal,
    Asling, DITA Europe, GamelocQA and more…)

xtm online tms

  • XTM International opens a
    new office
    in Tokyo, Japan.
    A new localized website and new webinars are offered in Japanese.
  • Pivot (pre-processing) language is introduced to workflows and
    customizable dashboards are made available for project managers

localize website

Half-year of 2016

  • XTM released the XTM v9.5 free update with new previews enriching the choice of available options and helping to display texts in a more user friendly way, including an Excel file preview that contains all languages from a project.
  • Additional servers were added to the XTM Cloud cluster to ensure high customer satisfaction through rapid file processing times and improved responsiveness.

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  • As strong advocates for open standards for the translation and localization industry, XTM International supports XLIFF 2.0 in XTM Cloud.
  • XTM Cloud 9.6 brings a new way to view and work with concordance. The aim of the upgrade was to provide more flexibility on where and how users can view it in order to accelerate translation and save time.

cloud management system

  • XTM Suite compatibility with the SAP HANA database, an option to take Microsoft Word comments for translation, automatic extraction of nested zip archives as well as general XTM Align, Terminology and security improvements.
  • A new
    XTM Marketing page is launched. Marketers can keep marketing assets up to date and release collateral in all languages at the same time.

xtm for marketing

  • XTM 9.7 presents a significant improvement in translator productivity. The newly developed terminology recognition feature automatically displays source terms found in the active segment together with their translations.
  • The XTM sales team is growing

XTM End of 2016

  • The new integration with TAUS DQF
  • A new
    XTM Gaming
    page is launched. Game developers can localize in-game content, marketing communication and websites in XTM Cloud to have full control over quality, budgets, assets, suppliers and deadlines to release titles in all languages with ease.

localize your game with xtm

  • XTM releases the most capable and fully featured version ever, XTM Cloud v10.
  • A new
    landing page is launched. XTM v10 is the
    next level of cloud Translation Management.

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  • New User Interface is introduced, state-of-the-art and appealing graphics providing better contrast and clarity, improved screen layouts and better ergonomics.
  • Smart Filters are added, a very effective way to increase project management efficiency by adding the possibility to display a list of projects with just one click.
  • XTM Messenger simplifies and accelerates the exchange of instant information between project members which is essential for agile translation.
  • Data is automatically anonymized to localize highly confidential texts ensuring security.
  • XTM app for
    Project Manager – the new app for project managers running on iOS and Android.
  • XTM LQA – store LQA results against the linguists involved in translation tasks to track their quality performance over time.

  • XTM Connect – the integration of XTM v10 with other tools such as Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore or Drupal was further developed and refined.
    There is a new XTM Connector for GIT repositories and XTM is now fully integrated with Interverbum’s Termweb.

xtm connect

  • In new XTM v10.1 collaboration and quality management features were enhanced and some useful additional features were introduced such as text formatting in the Editor.
  • XTM International launches the XTM Educational

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