XTM Advent Calendar Day Eight – Own It

XTM Advent Calendar Day Eight – Own It

2021 has been a landmark year for Heretto. The Rochester-based content operations platform rebranded this summer, leaving behind the successful easyDITA name and taking on a new identity.

After the rebrand, it quickly became clear that Heretto’s customer focus and streamlined, efficient service was stronger than ever. Offering a single software tool for all knowledge, product, and learning content, style templates for every publishing output, and — uniquely — an XML editor that allows multiple users to edit at the same time, Heretto puts the user’s needs first at every turn.

Heretto’s vision is whatever their customers want their content to be; starting with a scalable content foundation that’s built on interoperability and hyper-personalized knowledge. 

At XTM, we believe the surest way to keep moving forward is to walk side by side with like-minded partners. We’re delighted to share this journey with Heretto. Now, localization industry leader John Weisgerber is giving users even more reason to invest in this partnership and their own future with this video created by the Heretto team, shining a light on the value of multilingual content management.  

We gained a useful insight into Heretto’s approach to customer service from this interview with Director of Customer Success, Stephani Clark. In Stephani’s own words:

“Everything I do reflects on me, reflects on my customer, influences the relationship with this customer. I need to do everything to the best of my ability and be willing to own it.”

Take pride in your product and take pride in your performance. Be willing to own it.