XTM Advent Calendar Day Eighteen – Spinning a Web

XTM Advent Calendar Day Eighteen – Spinning a Web

The weekend before Christmas is a favourite cinematic release slot, and this year’s highest profile example is Spider-Man: No Way Home. Reviews are positive, audiences are cheering and the movie is expected to be highly profitable. As the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, anything less would be a shock. The 26 previous Marvel films have generated almost $24 billion in cinema ticket sales over the past 13 years, with TV and merchandising revenue adding even more. It’s the most lucrative franchise in cinema history. For comparison, the James Bond film series, an undeniable success story, has produced 24 films in 60 years with revenue of $7 billion. Marvel’s success has shown the value of having characters that audiences feel invested in and bringing them together to make a greater impact. James Bond movies have room for only one familiar hero. Marvel movies have room for a cast-full.

Creating a popular, interconnected structure on this scale isn’t easy. No other movie franchise has accomplished it, and truly successful examples in other walks of life are rare. 2021 has been an excellent year for XTM International’s own version. This summer we launched our Partnership Plus Program, deepening the integration of best-in-class language services, software and language technology. Partners across these disciplines, who are market leaders in their own right, benefit from access to the XTM Cloud product portfolio and the opportunity to share in joint marketing initiatives that are a proven success.

Partnership Development Manager Lauren Johnston has led the way in building this network, and she’s excited by its potential:

“With Partnership Plus, we set out to deliver seamless transfer of content and assets between systems, making it more straightforward, more efficient and more secure than ever to create and localize high-quality content. XTM Cloud users are delighted with our progress so far, and we’ll continue working tirelessly to keep them happy. By partnering with premium CMS, CCMS, marketing automation and data management systems, we’re creating a network that will help to shape global communication in the 2020s. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”

In 2022 XTM International will continue spinning a web that connects compatible, world-leading technology solutions. Every step will be made with a purpose, every action will be taken in the interests of the user. Every new partnership and upgrade will be planned to help you speak to the world. Keep watching this screen, and we really will give you something to marvel at.