XTM Advent Calendar Day Four – In Perfect Alignment

XTM Advent Calendar Day Four – In Perfect Alignment

On May 28th 585 BC a solar eclipse occurred over the Atlantic Ocean, casting a shadow that extended into the Middle East. It was such an awe-inspiring sight that the warring armies of Media (what is now north west Iran and south east Turkey) and Lydia (western Anatolia) called a truce and ended their battle.

Because astronomers can calculate the exact date of solar eclipses, this battle date stands as the earliest historical event that we can record with certainty. So when people speak of “recorded history” they’re referring to something that began on that day. And it began with two armies laying down their weapons and stopping a fight because of the wonder of our planet and its unique position in the solar system.

Today, December 4th, marked the only total solar eclipse of 2021. If you missed it, you’re in a large majority. The prime location was in Antarctica, where starting at 7.33am GMT/2.33am EST and lasting for just under two minutes, the moon’s path between the earth and the Sun left us in perfect alignment.

These occasions are rare enough to be worth celebrating, and they remind us of the precarious balance of our solar system. If earth were closer to the Sun, it would be a lifeless rock. Further away and it would be a swirl of cosmic gas. We’re in precisely the right position to sustain life, in what astronomers call the Goldilocks Zone.

Last month at XTM LIVEStream, we invited localization specialists to discuss another version of the Goldilocks Zone, the sweet spot at which organizations can find the balance between automation and human ingenuity. A day of thought leadership brought many of the challenges facing global business into focus, and also offered practical solutions to those challenges. The response from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to continuing the discussion at XTM LIVE 2022 in San Francisco next April.

NASA provided their own livestream for today’s eclipse, and recordings are already available online. And of course XTM have made recordings of all LIVEStream sessions available too. Just click here for XTM On Demand and catch up on the localization technology event of 2021.

A total eclipse requires perfect alignment between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. We can predict them and appreciate them but we can’t control them. Perfect alignment of people and process is within your control, though, with a next-generation translation management system. Why not try a free trial subscription to XTM Cloud and find out more?