XTM Advent Calendar Day Nineteen – The Equalizer

XTM Advent Calendar Day Nineteen – The Equalizer

Physiological studies of sports fans have found that, in team games, the moments that set pulses and hearts racing fastest aren’t winning goals. They’re equalizers. Finding a way to keep our chances alive stimulates us like nothing else. Winning may not be guaranteed, but an equalizer keeps your team on the field and keeps victory within reach.

That strikes a chord with us at XTM International, because the clients and partners we work with are far too experienced to expect easy wins to fall into their laps. They work in competitive arenas and fight hard for market share. We’re proud to support them because we see the value in their products and believe they deserve to find an audience.

XTM Cloud helps them do precisely that. When clients tell us they value speed and precision in preparation of multilingual content, we deliver results.

XTM Cloud enables users to make bulk updates to multiple projects with one click of a button. Instead of having to amend small but important details of dozens or even hundreds of projects one at a time, users can now change multiple due dates, workflow start and finish dates or Project Manager assignments with one simple action.

When a Linguist works on a technical or creative message, we believe they benefit from seeing their work as their target audience will see it. Visual Mode for Microsoft Word and PDF files shows linguists what they’ve translated, side by side with the source text in real time, giving them an immediate flavour of the suitability and persuasiveness of their choices.

The talent and ingenuity of language service professionals mustn’t be underestimated, and it mustn’t be shackled. XTM International is two decades into our ongoing mission to give our clients choice and support in speaking to the world. The right Translation Management System doesn’t guarantee you a win, but it does offer you the platform for equally suitable and persuasive communication in each territory you explore. It levels every field you choose to play on.

XTM Cloud hands you the equalizer. You have to score the winning goal yourself. And when you do, no one will cheer more loudly for you than us.