XTM Advent Calendar Day Ten – Five Out Of Five


XTM Advent Calendar Day Ten – Five Out Of Five

When XTM International prepare for a new product release, we’re excited, full of anticipation and not the least bit complacent. A strong track record is no guarantee of future success. No matter how hard we work on new features, no matter how confident we are of the benefits they’ve deliver, it’s the user’s opinion that matters.

That’s why the response to the three new releases of XTM Cloud and seven new releases of XTM Mobile in 2021 means so much to us. When users take the time to post five star reviews on the G2 website, telling us we’ve succeeded in the ways they wanted us to succeed, telling us we’ve made their working lives more satisfying and more productive, it means more to us than we can express.

But we’ll try to express it, because we think our users deserve it.

THANK YOU for your confirmation that XTM Cloud is:

“Easy to set up and to learn, fantastic user experience for client user in-country review, supports any type of production chain from individual translator to language services provider”

THANK YOU for your view that

“My favourite aspect of XTM Cloud is the doors it opens. They only sell you technology, not translation, so you can choose specialist language service providers for the right project. I saw both sides of the vendor neutrality debate as a Project Manager and for me it’s a no-brainer. When a TMS provider also sold me language services, I was tied to linguists who sometimes had limited experience of the specialist technical areas I was working in. When I had a vendor-neutral TMS I had a platform to seek out the best people for the job.”

THANK YOU for your affirmation that

“XTM is a system that aids centralized, in-house localization teams within an enterprise to do the heavy lifting required when repeated requests are coming from a myriad of internal customers – each with differing objectives, file formats, processing requirements, stakeholder review processes, etc. Additionally, the XTM Solutions support team is knowledgeable, helpful, quick to respond and have the experience to know general localization best-practices to guide customers on correct and effective TMS implementation.”

THANK YOU for repeatedly awarding XTM Cloud a score of five out of five in G2 reviews, and giving us the highest score of any translation management system provider.

In 2022 we’ll give you every ounce of commitment, experience and ingenuity we have to keep living up to your praise, keep earning your trust, and keep our position as your number one language technology provider.

Because if it matters to you, it matters to us.