XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Five – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Five – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Many of the gifts we give and receive today will reflect the state of technology development.

Not too long ago, we were giving writing sets that simply enabled people to put pen to paper. This year, smart writing sets enable us to do that and also upload what we’re writing direct to our digital devices.

Sunglasses and headphones both make useful gifts, and this year many of us are receiving smart frames with undetectable speakers in the frames, playing our choice of music behind the shades.

The wallet you get today may come equipped with RFID blocking, and if you’re looking for an accessory there are Bluetooth trackers that will stop you losing it.

The camera with the telephoto lens that helped you capture subjects perfectly was and is exquisite, but what about the mini-drone that can capture images and videos from a height of up to 4,000 metres?

And the translation project that once took a week of painstaking, labour-intensive work by a team of skilled professionals, often forced to spend hour after hour on menial tasks, is now replaced by the gift of time-saving, quality-guaranteed excellence through automation. In 2022 we’ll see the demand for content in Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and thousands more languages continue to grow, and we’ll see language service professionals faced with a daily choice. Try to hold back the flood of demand, and drown in it, or make use of the language technology that’s revolutionizing global communication and giving skilled professionals the time and freedom to use their skills to the full.

A next-generation translation management system is the gift that keeps on giving. It delivers productivity, scalability, connectivity and impeccable quality. And it’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life. Best wishes for Christmas from everyone at XTM International.