XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty – Just Do It

XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty – Just Do It

Ties between Poland and the United States date back to the US War of Independence, when Polish generals Thaddeus Kościuszko and Casimir Pulaski led American troops, and Polish businessman Haym Salomon helped to finance them. The technological revolution these two nations are driving forward now is every bit as transformative, and this month saw IT professionals gather in Silicon Valley for the US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium.

Among the delegates was XTM’s own Marcin Kubiak. A key member of XTM’s QA development team, Marcin’s studies at Poznan University of Technology and University Adama Mickiewicza gave him a platform for a successful tech career and made him part of an academic network that’s becoming a byword for thought leadership.

Among the topics discussed in depth in Silicon Valley were:

  • Mixed Reality, AI, IoT & Big Data
  • Energy, Climate, Transportation & the Future of Smart Cities
  • Technology and Medicine in Healthcare
  • Education and communication during and after COVID

For Marcin, the stimulation of discussing these topics in theory is matched by the stimulation of helping develop practical solutions. XTM International employs and nurtures thought leaders, and our pioneering work in language technology is delivering solutions that benefit users in the energy, transportation, clinical, education and communication industries every day. For Marcin and his fellow delegates, this month’s Symposium ended 2021 in the most positive way.

In Marcin’s own words:

“Being a part of the US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium gave me an opportunity to meet wise and successful people that encouraged me to change my way of thinking and showed me what Silicon Valley is all about. I have learned that the key to be successful is to be open-minded and not being afraid of asking about anything. If there is an opportunity to accomplish something, just do it.”

That sums up the spirit of academic excellence we saw in Silicon Valley and the spirit of thought leadership we see at XTM International every day. In 2022 XTM users can expect that leadership to take them precisely where they want to go:

We’ll keep refining pioneering applications of Artificial Intelligence, notably in our proprietary technology Inter-language vector space, enabling greater consistency, cost savings and speed to market in global communication.

We’ll keep delivering on our promise of vendor-neutrality, unshackling users from unsuitable language service providers whose spiralling costs and lack of specialization might offset the benefits of a translation management system.

We’ll keep enabling centralization of translation assets, making those assets available to whichever internal stakeholders the user chooses. An asset is only an asset when you can leverage it. Let XTM Cloud help you leverage yours.

In summary, we’ll keep living up to our status as the number one language technology provider in the world.

Our plan for 2022? Just do it.