XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Three – 220 Ways To Say Translation Management System

XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Three – 220 Ways To Say Translation Management System

We applaud moves towards greater diversity, and naturally that includes linguistic diversity. This week’s news that Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, has signed an executive directive mandating improved language access measures throughout the city was a major positive.

Directive 32, also referred to as Strengthening Language Access in the City of Los Angeles, outlines steps to improve the quality of the city’s language access services, with the knock-on effect of improving the overall well-being of the citizens with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Mayor Garcetti’s recognition of the volume of languages spoken in the city – estimated at 220 – and his pledge to safeguard the economic, cultural, social and political well-being of multilingual immigrant communities, was admirable. It was also highly practical. Los Angeles, and more broadly, California, form a cultural and economic powerhouse in which diversity fuels prosperity.

With a Gross Domestic Product of $3.1 trillion, California is by far the largest contributor to the overall GDP of the United States. If California were a sovereign state, it would be ranked in the world’s top five economies, ahead of France and the UK as well as rising forces India and Brazil. While Los Angeles is a flagship success, its sister cities on the West Coast also shine brightly. The San Francisco metropolitan area is the US’s sixth largest economy with a GDP of $501 billion, and to underline Eric Garcetti’s logic, 44% of San Francisco residents speak languages other than English at home. Tech pioneers in the state have been quick to recognizes the vital role that Artificial Intelligence has to play in multilingual communication, and the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC is at the forefront of natural language processing research, along with XTM International’s own industry leading team.

The combination of linguistic diversity, tech pioneering and economic strength makes this an ideal location for the language technology event of 2022. Four months from now, on April 27th and 28th, XTM LIVE 2022 will unite language technology leaders in San Francisco for two days of knowledge- sharing.

At XTM LIVEStream last month we invited our friends and partners to get in the zone and celebrate the power and purpose of automation balanced with human ingenuity. At XTM LIVE 2022 we’re inviting you to stay in the zone, and early access registration is already open.

The people of California have 220 ways to say Translation Management System, and at XTM LIVE 2022 they’ll see why there’s only one translation management system they need. We wish them a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year in every one of their languages, and we look forward to greeting them in person next April. Let’s make 2022 a year when we all stay in the zone.