XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Two – Bridging The Gap

XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Two – Bridging The Gap

Covid-19 has impacted all demographics, and some have been hit particularly hard. Women, low-income workers, the youngest and the poorest have borne the brunt of shrinking economies. How can we bridge the gap in 2022?

When we invest in digital connectivity, we open the door to a more skilled, connected workforce. Infrastructure investment is already underway that will increase access to more affordable, faster connectivity for rural populations outside the range of existing networks. The benefits are clear. Research by the World Bank tells us that a 10% increase in smartphone penetration creates a 2% increase in GDP per capita.

In 2021, social distancing protocols have moved us even further down the road to a cashless society. Reuters analysis confirms that in sub-Saharan Africa, for example, a move away from physical cash handling has increased the annual value of mobile transactions in the region to $490 billion per annum. Half a trillion dollars every year, and rising. Covid-19 created a crisis, and it also sparked the accelerated connectivity that will enable our recovery.

Connectivity fuels empowerment and growth. And XTM International fuels all three.

In 2022 we will continue to improve the user experience by putting those users at the heart of an Interconnected Localization Network. XTM Cloud enables a message to be swiftly created, refined, translated and shared with any target audience. Languages with a limited pool of human translators will continue to be served by technology that enables swift, accurate assessment of machine translation and makes the best possible use of the linguist’s time. “Global communication” will continue to be a mission, not just a phrase. In 2022 we’ll keep fuelling connectivity, empowerment and growth. We’ll keep bridging the gap.