XTM Cloud 12.8 – Connectivity

XTM Cloud 12.8 – Connectivity

Connected systems are the future of localization and the Symphony Release brings you notably enhanced integrations between XTM Cloud and content repositories. Our goal is to unlock seamless transfer of content and assets between systems. XTM Cloud 12.8 enhances the connection between your localization platform of choice and the following best-in-class providers:

  • XTM Connect for Git If users update a continuous project that was previously archived, the archived project will be reactivated and then updated on the fly. This reduces interaction with support and takes disruption out of the process. Customizable commit messages facilitate tracking changes across projects for auditing purposes.
  • XTM Connect for Marketo Engage We’ve started a new chapter in our partnership with Marketo by upgrading our connector to work with Marketo Engage, a new feature that lasers in on buyer preferences.
  • XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager Strengthening our partnership with Adobe, the Symphony Release delivers an improved internal storing mechanism at the backend for projects coming from AEM. Put simply, content flows smoothly between systems even if Adobe Experience Manager needs to be shut down and restarted.
  • Five new REST API methods for greater connectivity with third-party systems.
  • In addition to these improvements, we’re delighted to announce our new connector for Kentico Kontent. With XTM Connect for Kentico Kontent you can begin the localization process as soon as your content is ready and have completed translations imported to your CMS as part of a single, uninterrupted workflow.

The Symphony Release brings together the most innovative, client-focused technology providers. We’re working in harmony for your benefit.

XTM Cloud 12.8 includes what you need and excludes what you don’t.
Because you don’t have to play every note. Just the right ones.

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