XTM Cloud 12.8 – Intelligent Simplicity

XTM Cloud 12.8 – Intelligent Simplicity

At XTM International, we don’t over-complicate problems. We prefer to focus on solutions, and the simpler we can make them, the better. The Symphony Release delivers Intelligent Simplicity at every stage. With XTM Cloud 12.8, you conduct the orchestra. You’re in control.

The Weighted Token Levenshtein is a string metric that measures the difference between two language sequences. It delivers more accurate metrics and makes fuller use of existing material in the Translation Memory, so content can be re-used and time and money are saved.

Transcreation projects often need approval from numerous stakeholders. Even those who aren’t directly involved in the process can now review progress with a real-time view of translation and back-translation side by side in extended PDF tables.

It’s been said that music is found in the space between notes. Whitespace Characters occupy space in your content but aren’t visible characters. Should they be included in your translatable content? We think that should be your choice, and XTM Cloud 12.8 gives it to you. When strings including Whitespace Characters are part of a TM import, some systems trim the strings when generating the translation target file, removing Whitespace Characters from the beginning and end. XTM Cloud 12.8 makes a full configuration when we import the TM file, giving us the option of keeping or removing leading and trailing Whitespace Characters, as well as keeping or removing Whitespace Characters within the segment. It’s the difference between cutting the strings of a violin and delicately tuning it.

Looking for a guiding light to what’s new in this release? The light bulb icon in the upper right corner of the XTM Cloud UI highlights updates in 12.8. For a bite-sized overview of new product features and enhancements, just follow the light!

XTM Cloud 12.8. The Symphony Release.

Because you don’t have to play every note. Just the right ones.

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