XTM Cloud 12.8 – Productivity

XTM Cloud 12.8 – Productivity

The Symphony Release strikes exactly the right note to improve productivity without compromising quality. XTM Cloud 12.8 enables you to make bulk updates to multiple projects with one click of a button. Batch operations are a major time saver, enabling you to quickly change a project due date, workflow start or finish date or PM assignment. Busy professionals who previously needed to painstakingly amend one small but important detail of ten, fifty or two hundred projects, can now complete the task with one swift action, even for projects without an assigned PM. A Project Manager with a stack of new projects on their desk needs to get started without delay. This one-click solution enables them to do just that.

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Visual Mode for Microsoft Word and PDF files enables linguists to see a translation through the eyes of its target audience, so they can work faster and more efficiently towards a clearly defined goal. When translating a marketing message, for example, the linguist will see their choices appear in the target language in real time, side by side with the source text, and will get an immediate feel for its suitability and persuasiveness. It’s the definition of instant feedback.

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The Grammar Checker we’ve added to the QA mechanism gives you another layer of automatic scrutiny, ensuring that the basic building blocks of language are firmly in place, and that speed is always balanced with control.

Improved text decoration now makes terminology easily discernible within a source segment in XTM Workbench. A line of text can be difficult to pick out, and the simple mechanism of, for example, highlighting it in bold can focus the linguist’s attention and save their time.

After the successful launch of the beta program of AI-enhanced Translation Memory (powered by Systran), we’re making this feature a standard element of your XTM subscription. The process provides high quality MT results in a split second, requiring little to no rework, and the process works for 75% to 84% fuzzy matches.

Unlimited access to the languages of your prospective clients opens the door to global growth. We’re enabling this growth by extending our bespoke language support. XTM Cloud 12.8 sees the addition of new languages to DeepL MT including Czech, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish. We’ve also added Malay (Jawi), spoken by 290 million people worldwide, to the list of supported languages in XTM Cloud.
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XTM Cloud’s integration with TermWeb from Interverbum offers users a direct link to best-in-class terminology management software. This integration has been strengthened, and XTM Workbench now supports terminology variants from TermWeb. Different modes of expression can now be translated automatically.

The XTM Cloud Project List now indicates which target files haven’t been generated. For projects coming from connected systems, errors in target file generation are not easily identified, so the addition of red flags in the Project List are a visible alert to Project Managers of the corrective action that’s needed.

Whatever questions you’re asking about translation productivity, the Symphony Release has the answers.

You choose the instruments and you dictate the tempo.

XTM Cloud 12.8 includes what you need and excludes what you don’t.
Because you don’t have to play every note. Just the right ones.

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