XTM Cloud 12.8 – Selectivity

XTM Cloud 12.8 – Selectivity

XTM Cloud 12.8 offers you the tools you need to play all the right notes.

Enhanced Filter templates for Excel and MultiExcel files enable you to hide untranslatable content using regular expressions. Designed for ease of use, Filter templates make the most complex file configurations accessible to users, regardless of their level of technical skill. With new custom variables, XTM Administrators are able to create custom configurations for any number of files in a few clicks without having to seek support.

NLP Artificial Intelligence refinements in 12.8 enable the preservation of Unicode emoticons. Emoticons are now treated as untranslatable words during bilingual term extraction and TM alignment, adding flair and instantly recognizable visual triggers for any target audience.

The Bilingual Term Extraction process now filters different terminology options so the most likely options – the best Term Candidates – are selected for each target language.

New Weighted Word Count (WWC) analytics tell Project Managers precisely how much work is required to complete a project, enabling more accurate work allocation and more data-driven estimates of project turnaround times. Over time, a Translation Memory might accrue a high volume of text that offers different levels of matches against a new source text. Why translate from scratch when you don’t have to? Why pay for it when you don’t have to?

XTM Cloud 12.8 includes what you need and excludes what you don’t.
Because you don’t have to play every note. Just the right ones.

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