XTM Cloud 12.4 – “Powerful Simplicity”

XTM Cloud v12.4 press release

XTM Cloud 12.4 – “Powerful Simplicity”

Powerful simplicity with the new groundbreaking CAR and Vector Space technologies.

The latest release of XTM Cloud seems more than a dot release; it is packed full of new groundbreaking functionality and updates. We are calling this the “Powerful Simplicity” release, with functionality which enables an easy environment for non-technical language users to perform tasks. However, that is not the whole story. We have groundbreaking AI technology used in Bilingual Terminology Extraction, new versatility with customizable docked panels features asked for by linguists within XTM Workbench, new integration with Iconic’s Machine Translation engine, enhanced continuous delivery functionality, as well as additional functionality for DITA and Excel files, which improves both user experience and productivity. If that wasn’t enough we have also added support for 8 more languages. Version 12.4 also sees the introduction of XTM’s revolutionary Machine Learning based Vector Space technology.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International commented, “Our 12.4 release is a significant version update, and focuses on the power of simplicity combined with intelligent automation and AI. Our users are now empowered with tools and features that make their journey in XTM Cloud more intuitive and productive. This is exemplified by our new Computer Aided Review (CAR) and Auto-bilingual term extraction functionalities”.

Computer Aided Review (CAR) now available in XTM Workbench

XTM has added new functionality in XTM Cloud v12.4 which makes it possible for users to have a simple environment to perform language tasks. This simplified review workbench means users without linguistic background such as subject matter expert reviewers can sign off and comment on content quickly and with access to just the information they need. Access is managed within XTM Cloud by an account administrator or project manager who can assign this view to specific roles and users. Computer Aided Review (CAR) is the next frontier for Translation Management Systems (TMS), and is performed in a technology platform which is geared toward non-technical language reviewers. The simplified XTM Workbench view is accessible through the XTM Cloud user interface and also via the REST API on third-party platforms.

Computer Assisted Review

Vector Space: Advanced Linguistic AI-based machine learning technology

Version 12.4 also sees the introduction of neural network-based Vector Space. Vector Space is a very exciting new technology that can work out the probability of a given source language word or phrase being the equivalent translation of a target language word or phrase. XTM International has used enormous Big Data resources to build Vector Space for over 250 language pair combinations. Vector Space will revolutionize the way in which language tools assist in the translation process. Immediate applications of Vector Space have been the enhancement of automatic inline element placement and Bilingual Terminology Extraction, with many more to follow in future releases of XTM. Vector Space is a creation of the XTM AI group headed by Dr. Rafał Jaworski, Linguistic AI research expert at XTM International.

AI-enabled Bilingual Terminology Extraction to build key term glossaries

Creating glossaries of key terms from existing unaligned translations is a manual and laborious task. In version 12.4, XTM is releasing its AI-driven bilingual term extraction feature which dramatically reduces the time and effort required to create glossaries. This enables harvesting of quality term candidates along with their context in over 50 languages. This all happens during the alignment process of parallel texts thanks to our use of Big Data and AI technologies including Vector Space. The tested accuracy levels are high (over 90%), which means the output requires little to no manual clean-up or post-processing at all. In fact, automating the extraction of bilingual terminology and contextual information takes the legwork out of the process, and delivers time savings of up to 80%, significant cost reductions, and overall efficiency gains.

Our CTO, Andrzej Zydroń elaborated on our recent AI additions, “Our roadmap for the 12.x releases includes new AI technology in each release. So far XTM Cloud users can auto-align parallel texts, and insert target inline (placeholder) characters automatically in sentences. This time we have released Auto-bilingual term extraction which is a new and smart way to automatically create terminology lists from translated files and we have introduced Vector Space, an exciting and breakthrough approach to equivalence probability calculations.”

Docking panels and custom shortcuts – productivity and user experience improvements in XTM Workbench

XTM Workbench has a new drag and drop option in the 12.4 version. Users are now able to undock a tab of their choice and move it anywhere on the screen. We have been inspired by the requests coming from linguists to have the matches and terminology information closer to the segment. We went one step further and now allow them to place these panels wherever they want. Linguists can now access the information they need right away, in the way they want, which will significantly increase productivity. This functionality is part of our user experience improvements to XTM Cloud.

Custom shortcuts bring additional user experience improvements for linguists. They can now use shortcut keys to insert special characters or set the segment status to draft, all without touching the mouse. This speeds up linguistic work and provides greater control over the translation workspace.

“How can I search for active projects and exclude archived projects from the results?” This is something our users have asked for. In XTM Cloud v12.4 we have created an additional filter for project status. By applying it, users can now find their active projects much more quickly. This will speed up searches and improve the user experience for Project Managers.

New Integration with Iconic MT and productivity enhancements to other integrations

XTM users will now have access to Iconic’s best-in-class Neural Machine Translation, seamlessly integrated into their translation workflow. Iconic’s bespoke, proprietary Neural Machine Translation (NMT) allows users to translate more content, more accurately, in less time. And now this can be done even more effectively, directly within XTM, without the need to import and export files.

Iconic’s Co-Managing Director, Dr. John Tinsley, commented “We are very excited to have our translation software connector available through the XTM platform. This integration of our customised translation software with enhanced quality means faster access to information in your language, available seamlessly and securely, right within your own workflow. It is a win-win situation.”

Iconic Machine Translation

Speaking of Machine Translation (MT), Systran MT users now have greater flexibility about when to apply the MT. Text can now be sent to the Systran MT engine for matching either directly after TM matching or segment by segment for XTM Workbench.

Additional functionality for processing DITA and Excel files has been added in 12.4. DITA files are now displayed in XTM Workbench according to the DITA map hierarchy even when using custom DITA root node names. This way, users have more contextual information available, so that they can get translations right the first time.

XTM Cloud can now intelligently process multilingual Excel files with different structures in one single project by auto-detecting column headers. This reduces the number of projects that have to be created and managed because of source files with different structures; significantly reducing (by approximately 50%) the number of clicks and time needed to manage multiple projects.

XTM Connect with 12.4 now supports sending and receiving content to version 12.0 of the Kentico CMS.

Continuous localization improvement

Metric reporting for continuous localization projects can be hard to manage. With dozens and sometimes hundreds of continuous localization projects per sprint, each with multiple files and even more languages, extracting specific information can take hours. In 12.4 we have added functionality which allows Project Managers to download a report with the history of all metrics generated during the continuous project. Having these comprehensive metrics helps Project Managers estimate project costs and turnaround times quickly and accurately.

Intelligent automation via API enhancements

XTM Cloud v12.4 has added enhancements to the REST API. The REST API now offers a method to obtain manual time tracking values at job, target language, file, step, and bundle levels. Additional enhancements mean the last modification date can be retrieved at all project levels, pre-processing due dates can be updated and project sorting is easier. Applying TM tag groups and tags is also accessible via API.

We add API enhancements with each release. The reason is simple; today, more than ever, users are looking for connected business environments. They want to see integrations with their systems to seamlessly translate content distributed across dozens of content repositories. Thanks to new methods in this release, third party software can retrieve further granular information from XTM Cloud, without having to access the user interface. This way, the entire localization process becomes seamless, automated and cost-efficient.

Finally, we have added further language support to this release. XTM Cloud v12.4 has added support for Bari, Shan, Nuer, Mon, Toposa, Acholi, Dinka. This covers approximately 8.5 million people around the globe. We also now support the Rotuman language, belonging to the widely spread Austronesian language family. This language was in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we promptly added it to our platform.

Please contact Sara Basile at sbasile@xtm-intl.com or read the release notes to learn more about the XTM Cloud 12.4 release.

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