XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent – Keeping the Client Contented

XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent – Keeping the Client Contented

None of us can afford to be left behind when it comes to digitization of our working practices, and we can’t afford to neglect the client experience either. In the 2020s we’re taking clients on a journey that’s bringing automation and efficiency to new levels, and we want to deliver a fulfilling user experience. 

XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent deliver a combination of efficiency and engagement that makes the client journey thoroughly satisfying. Kentico Kontent, a headless Content Management System that empowers creative teams to distribute distinctive, eye-catching content on any channel, supports users in 120 countries. XTM Cloud, a leading global enterprise translation management system, ensures those users find that content equally persuasive. The XTM Cloud Partnership Plus program places us at the heart of a localization ecosystem that enables global communication quickly, cost-effectively and at scale.

How does this connectivity work?
We centralize and automate the translation process, enabling transfer of content from the Kontent CMS to XTM Cloud, swift creation of projects with templates tailored to user needs and delivery of finished work back to Kentico Kontent. What does this mean for users?

        Users seeking to save time and guarantee consistency in project management can create their own workspace within XTM Cloud, storing templates for clients and projects that enable them to reproduce preferred project settings with one click.   

        When a sentence is translated between language pairs, that translation is added to a data memory that can be re-used. These translation memories can be leveraged on every project.  

        Each user has their own terminology stored as a handy reference point. A glossary, specific to their needs, provides a single, up-to-date source of truth for the user’s professional vocabulary. 

        Different departments will naturally have distinct localization needs –  marketing, legal, R&D and HR teams communicate in different ways with different end goals – and users from each department will be able to store their own translation memory assets and project templates. Assets that benefit the wider team will be easily accessible to approved users, and that access can be tightly restricted where needed. Accessibility and data security are maintained side by side.   

The connectivity between XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent doesn’t just respect each client’s individual needs. It respects the departmentalised set-up in Kontent to deliver:

        Your own workspace

        Your own settings

        Your own terminology and translation memory

        Your own voice

XTM International Partnership Development Manager Lauren Johnston is delighted with the two companies’ momentum and accomplishment:

“At a time when millions of us are engrossed by Olympic competition that demonstrates the value of working harder, getting faster and stronger and finding a way to win, XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent offer a reminder that these goals are just as important and just as achievable in the commercial arena. We preserve the individuality of each user in settings and templates built around their needs, and enable fast, automated project creation and project completion. It’s a winning combination of personal attention and automated efficiency.”

Kentico Kontent Technology Partner Manager Rosta Striz is in full agreement:

“At Kentico Kontent, we take pride in giving our clients a digital platform that future-proofs their businesses and processes. We’ve helped countless clients accelerate their digital transformation, and our partnership with XTM International takes that transformation across languages, oceans and borders. Kontent workflows are seamlessly incorporated into the XTM Cloud localization process, so two market-leading technologies are working together for the benefit of the client. It’s a partnership that will take all of us a long way, and the journey is only just beginning.”  

The alignment between XTM Cloud and Kentico Kontent enables users to begin the localization process as soon as their content is ready, and have completed translations delivered to the CMS as part of a single, uninterrupted workflow. It enables users to speak to the world. The process is efficient and the voice is engaging. Together, we’re keeping the client contented.