XTM Cloud and ServiceNow: Welcome to your global service desk

XTM Cloud and ServiceNow: Welcome to your global service desk

Digital Transformation is a true global effort. Enabling multilingual deployments is a key component of that process. Customer support in any form needs to offer the language of the user’s choice. By offering customer support in multiple languages this creates a better customer experience.

Partnership between one of the fastest-growing enterprise cloud software companies in the world, ServiceNow, and a leading enterprise grade SaaS translation management system, XTM Cloud, brings you precisely that benefit. A spoke connection from ServiceNow to XTM Cloud enables ServiceNow users to send items from within ServiceNow Catalog and the Virtual Agent to XTM Cloud for translation.

“Digital communication can breed miscommunication. To optimise the user experience, queries should be resolved as they arise regardless of complexity or language barriers. A spoke connection from ServiceNow to XTM Cloud enables service agents to focus on what really matters to each individual user.”
David Ruane, Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International

“ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create optimal user experiences for employees and the enterprise. Great user experience relies heavily on native content and partnering ServiceNow with XTM Cloud unlocks multilingual workflows. The connection enables organizations to resolve complex queries across languages, using their existing ServiceNow user interface and translation management systems.”
Emil D Antanassov, VP of Internationalization at ServiceNow

The connection with XTM Cloud allows customer agents and IT teams to initiate, automate, track and complete translation requests in a single environment. With XTM Cloud and ServiceNow, you have the all-purpose toolkit to:

  • Manage translation in a single familiar environment.
  • Schedule and request translation on demand, 24/7
  • Dramatically reduce turnaround times and translation costs.
  • Gain full visibility of the translation process, and monitor updates in real time.
  • Choose the right vendor for the right task
  • Benefit from flexible workflows using machine translation, human translation or both

XTM Cloud and ServiceNow – working together for your benefit

ServiceNow offers direct access to XTM Cloud flexible workflows, localizing support content and customer interactions via Localization Framework. The solution is embedded inside a familiar user interface, so customer conversations and content items can be submitted for translation without delay. Service desk agents can select content from within ServiceNow, and send it directly to XTM Cloud. When complete, the translated content is automatically returned to the original location in ServiceNow.

Sending content from within ServiceNow to XTM Cloud

Customers want the right answer, they want it now, and they want it in a language they understand. ServiceNow’s connection to XTM Cloud enables communication in each customer’s language of choice. It accelerates service delivery, reduces operational costs and, ultimately, leads to greater customer satisfaction. XTM Cloud and ServiceNow can make your service desk truly global!