XTM Cloud for marketers – the localization of marketing content


XTM Cloud for marketers – the localization of marketing content

I would like to introduce the subject of XTM Cloud for marketeers interested in localization of marketing content, starting from my personal experience. I had been working in the communication and marketing area for years before starting to work for XTM International. During this period I held various roles in different organizations, from small to very large, but I recall the hardest and most complex projects have always been the ones that involved translations and transcreation.

I am sure you have had the same experience; projects with translations have always been tricky and complex in different ways for us.

I remember, starting this project for a well-known company that involves a great number of marketing collaterals and the localization of marketing content for 4 different countries. The number of files was enormous. The translations were performed by translators around the world, who returned the translated documents by email as MS Word documents. We had to put them all together, change all the graphics, divide and order them for all the projects. Then the languages and formats – that was massive – finally someone had a bright idea and said: “Are we sure that this is the right word for prosciutto?”

It seems that time moves much faster when you have a deadline, so we had to find a solution that was quick and affordable before we went too far.

So here we were, in the middle of a gigantic mess, made of files, papers, emails, drafts and people standing around the office. We needed something quick, to help us fix the mess we were in.

But at that time there weren’t many available options, so we had to call for more people to help us, extending the size of the team, increasing the cost of the project and of course reducing the final profit.

Time has brought us different tools to help us in marketing, like marketing automation, content marketing, content management systems and of course translation for marketing.

The software can speed up all the localization of marketing content by eliminating many of the manual steps. Projects with hundreds of single files, duplicates and mistakes, can all be handled with increased efficiency. It helps businesses eliminate manual tasks and avoid duplicate work.

Translation quality also becomes paramount and producing first-class quality in my opinion, is always the right solution.

Usually, when people think about automatic tools for translation, they think about Google Translator or some other machine translation system. But XTM Cloud is much more than that. It helps to smooth the human interaction. All the features are designed to facilitate the work and speed up the delivery time, giving the best performance and control.

But why is translation so challenging for marketeers? I will answer this with another question: how hard is it to create good marketing content for different languages, cultural boundaries and with a different context? Well, now you have your answer. Don’t get me wrong it is a great challenge and implies that you have the knowledge and creativity to achieve this.

However, the need for globalization has made translation, localization and transcreation key steps in content creation; projects are started in one country and then spread around the globe as fast as possible, this is great news for all of us in the business.

For example, few people knew what transcreation was until a few years ago. A good transcreated message is much more than a simple translation. It should be accurately tailored to the target audience and evoke the same emotions and carry the same experience in the target language as it does in the source language. When we are talking about transcreation, not only the content must be translated correctly but other factors must also be considered such as culture, style, idioms and context.

Nowadays, we have great cloud based software. XTM Cloud is a prime example of a system that gives us control over creating and selecting the recommended translation from a number of alternatives. You also have the ability to import and translate complex file types such as InDesign or Word files and then generate a WYSIWYG preview with live links from the text back to the translation environment.

I will give you another example of why I prefer to use an automated solution with multilingual marketing projects. I am sure you will agree with me if you were in the same situation, the communication with translators describing which terms to use, can really only be made once a day when the process is handled manually. This can create an issue especially with repeated sentences in large documents. For this reason, you need to track, store and reuse the TM and terminology in real time on a centralized platform. A system that offers integrated terminology and translation memory management, will save you a tremendous amount of time.

XTM Cloud needs to be considered as an essential tool for all agencies dealing with localization of marketing content. Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, it is able to manage and fulfill these tasks and much more.

These are just simple examples of why you should use state of the art software like XTM Cloud to help boost your work as marketeers in localization.