XTM Connect: New Akeneo Integration

XTM Connecto: Akeneo integration illustration

XTM Connect: New Akeneo Integration

XTM is a proud Technology partner of Akeneo, an open-source Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Akeneo helps businesses improve their productivity by supplying their teams with the most efficient and reliable platform to maintain consistent, high quality and accurate product information across numerous channels. By offering multi-channel data-importing and exporting capability, Akeneo forms the central repository for all your company’s critical product data.

We are pleased to introduce this very first PIM integration, a great addition to XTM Connect. Just like XTM Cloud, Akeneo is a centralized system, making it an incredibly powerful tool. It empowers users to take control of their product information on a global scale, by collecting data from various sources (such as different spreadsheets or various suppliers), but also videos, images, or documentation, and making it all easily accessible from a single place.

By integrating with XTM Cloud, Akeneo now provides its users with the ability to add automation to the localization process, improving user experience along with efficiency and productivity. Akeneo users will now be able to request translations of product data, such as description, specifications, dimensions, or even ingredients, and receive it back automatically, enabling them to reach global markets faster.

Using Akeneo’s ability to track sales, a retail company based in the UK could notice that their new seasonal range is becoming very popular in Italy. To maximize their profit, they decide to localize all products within the range into Italian. Using XTM Connect, the project manager can select all relevant products, and send it for localization. The data sent to XTM will include product names, along with descriptions, materials, and care instructions.

Akeneo users will be able to define source and target languages, add deadlines, define XTM workflows through templates, and track progress easily. Plus, the integration supports continuous localization and pre-processing, ensuring content is always up to date without requiring any manual input from project managers. Once the file has been translated by a linguist in XTM Cloud, its final version is automatically sent back to Akeneo, streamlining the localization process from start to finish.

Interested in this integration? Register for our webinar on September 22 at 5:00 PM CEST / 11:00 AM EDT to see it in action!