XTM International at 2019 Machine Translation Summit

xtm international at mt summit

XTM International at 2019 Machine Translation Summit

XTM International will be attending the 2019 Machine Translation Summit on 19-23 August in Dublin, Ireland. The conference is organized by the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT), and will revolve around four tracks: research, user, translator, and projects. This event is the perfect opportunity to see how XTM integrates with machine translation integrations to provide the ideal platform for post editing MT.

Why you shouldn’t miss the Summit

The event enables researchers, developers, users, and vendors in the MT industry come together and share their views and address topics at the core of machine translation technology. Among the highlights of the program, there will be demonstrations of MT solutions in varied scenarios.

Meet XTM International at the 17th Machine Translation Summit

At the conference, you will have a chance to meet Shamus Dermody, Sales Director and Elizabeth Butters, Business Development Manager, with whom you can discuss the advanced capabilities of machine translation in XTM.

Shamus Dermody XTM translation management systemShamus Dermody
Sales Director at XTM International
Elizabeth Butters XTM translation management system Elizabeth Butters
Business Development Manager at XTM International

Schedule a meeting with them to discover how machine translation paired with post-editing will reduce costs and increase the productivity of your localization team. Register for the Summit now!

Integrating XTM with machine translation

XTM International’s long-term strategy is to increase and improve the range of integrations we offer with first-class neural machine translation engines. With modern translation technology at your fingertips, you can track every word in a project. Not only is the whole localization process highly secure and controllable, you can also observe faster turnaround times and cost savings.

XTM is a world-class translation management system, incorporating XTM Workbench, a completely new translation and post editing environment. It provides an unparalleled user experience, advanced quality control with an outstanding level of automation and cost reduction. Read more about the recently released XTM v12 on our website!