XTM International attending Tekom and the tcworld conference 2020

XTM International at Tekom tcworld 2020

XTM International attending Tekom and the tcworld conference 2020

XTM are delighted to take part in the first virtual tcworld conference and Tekom trade fair. The largest event dedicated to technical communication will take place online between 2nd and 6th of November 2020, and will offer insights into the latest trends and innovation in technical communication, content creation, management, translation, and more. The XTM team will be at the virtual booth during the whole event and sharing insights and knowledge at two speaking sessions.

Insights on language technology deployment

Alex Zekakis (Global Solutions Architect Manager) and Dr. Germán Basterra (Translation Manager at Nestlé GLOBE) will take the stage on 3/11/20, and talk about how the world’s largest food and beverage company centralized their translation management. By doing so, they have improved their time to market, streamlined global content delivery, and made significant cost savings.

Alex Zekakis said, “I’m excited to attend the tcworld event, which, despite its virtual format, will undoubtedly deliver on its promise to inform users of the exciting trends in technical communication. In my presentation, together with Dr. Basterra, we will be looking at centralization strategies, and I will explain how XTM Cloud played a pivotal role in achieving a centralized content model by Nestlé”.

In a second session run “auf Deutsch”, Andreas Ljungström (Senior Solutions Architect) and Andreas Merz (Translation & Terminology Specialist at Crown Gabelstapler GmbH) will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of incorporating a translation management system (TMS) into an enterprise’s global content strategy. The speakers will share their experience and best practices on how to implement a translation management system into an enterprise architecture. They will follow the journey from the selection and vetting phases through to the full-scale adoption of a highly automated, and CMS-integrated translation management system. Plenty of real-life examples and use cases from Crown will be shared.

“More often than not, the journey to a fully-fledged CMS integrated TMS is fraught with unforeseen complexities, and the learning curve is typically steep. Andreas Merz and I will map out Crown’s whole journey from start to finish, which, we trust, will help other business stakeholders successfully implement a TMS in their organization,” commented Andreas Ljungström.

XTM sessions at tcworld

3/11/20 between 9:30 am and 10:15 am (CET)
“Centralize – What else? How Nestlé Optimized Time to Market and Costs for Global Content” (in English)

04/11/2020 between 9:30 am and 10:15 am (CET)
“Die TMS-Einführung bei Crown: Von ersten Schritten bis zur Automatisierung von Übersetzungsprozessen” (auf Deutsch)

For more information about the event, view the tcworld agenda.

Stop by XTM International’s virtual booth

You can also have a chat with one of our team at the event, and see how the new Powerful Connectivity release with the new integrations and CMS connectivity enhances localization programs. We would love to share a virtual coffee with you and listen to your thoughts on producing, managing, and localizing technical content.

Alex Zekakis XTM translation management systemAlex Zekakis
Global Solutions Architect Manager
Andreas Ljungström
Senior Solutions Architect
Tobias NeumannTobias Neumann
Business Development Director
David Webb XTM translation management systemDavid Webb
Business Development Director
Paul Liversidge XTM InternationalPaul Liversidge
Business Development Director
Victoria Aliieva - XTM translation management systemVictoria Aliieva
Business Development Manager

Power up multilingual technical content localization

In addition to CMS, marketing automation connectors, XTM offers an array of translation technology solutions to manage the localization of technical content including connectors to easyDITA, Ovitas, or RSuite. Connectivity with these systems means enhanced speed, productivity, and time to market for organizations producing and managing technical content.

Register to attend tcworld now, and learn how XTM Cloud can speed up your time to market and increase efficiency when localizing technical content.