XTM International Joins The HubSpot App Marketplace

XTM International joins HubSpot App Marketplace

XTM International Joins The HubSpot App Marketplace

GERARRDS CROSS, UK, September 28, 2021  – Today, XTM International announced that it is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace. App Partners are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and whose value-added offerings qualify them for the App Marketplace.

The new XTM Connect for HubSpot provides users with access to XTM Cloud, the intelligent localization hub. The connected environment enables users to submit their websites, landing pages, emails and forms for translation in XTM Cloud and have translated content returned to HubSpot. The whole translation process is intuitive thanks to the rich WYSIWYG environment, giving linguists visibility into the layout of emails, blogs and online forms as they will appear in the target languages.

HubSpot’s App Partner Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations. App partners must comply with a set of requirements that will ensure their apps are meeting the highest standards of quality.

Lauren Johnston, Partner Development Manager at XTM International, underlines the role of localized marketing content in global communication, “Seamless communication is at the core of digital experiences.  A blog, email or landing page that speaks the language of the target audience draws customers like a magnet. Ensuring a timely and quality translation while balancing its costs is a priority that XTM Connect for HubSpot has addressed with language technology that helps customers speak to the world.”

Find out how you can convert your blogs, landing pages and websites into any language with the help of the intelligent localization hub here.

 About XTM International

XTM International develops and sells XTM Cloud, an enterprise SaaS translation management system with an integrated CAT tool. XTM’s mission is to help enterprises reach global markets by delivering an industry leading platform to automate and manage all aspects of the localization process. The system employs AI to deliver advanced automation, has a well-developed REST API and out-of-the-box connectors for most common content management systems and machine translation systems. More information is available at the XTM International website.