XTM International sponsor CCMS Link 2019

xtm international are attending ccmslink conference

XTM International sponsor CCMS Link 2019

XTM International are proud to attend and sponsor the IXIASOFT User Conference, CCMS Link 2019 on September 25-27, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. The event is a prime opportunity for documentation managers to discuss the latest topics in technical communication. The agenda for the event is packed with sessions focusing on the IXIASOFT CCMS product and its efficient use.

Why attend CCMS Link 2019
During the presentations, case studies, and other sessions at the conference, attendees will see the IXIASOFT CCMS solution, its complementary software and ways to optimize their DITA-based workflows. The conference is also an ideal place for industry leaders to connect with other IXIASOFT customers.

Meet XTM International at CCMS Link 2019
The event will also be an perfect opportunity to speak with XTM delegates – Karen Ewing or Amanda Leuer to find out how XTM can streamline the localization of your DITA CCMS content. Book a slot to discuss your localization requirements in detail with our experts.

karen ewing xtm international translation management systemKaren Ewing
Business Development Director at XTM International
amanda leuer xtm translation management system Amanda Leuer
Solutions Architect at XTM International

Integrating XTM with IXIASOFT
XTM provides a connector for the IXIASOFT CCMS, which automates DITA content localization, eliminating unnecessary emails and manual file transfers. Connect IXIASOFT to your instance of XTM and deliver multilingual customer experiences around the globe. Visit our website to get more information about XTM Connectors.