XTM International welcomes new Senior Solutions Architect

Andreas Ljungstroem at XTM LIVE

XTM International welcomes new Senior Solutions Architect

Andreas Ljungstroem at XTM InternationalXTM International is proud to announce that Andreas Ljungström joins the XTM team as Senior Solutions Architect. Andreas reports to Alex Zekakis and will provide technology support to XTM’s client base in the D/A/CH region from his home office in Berlin. His primary focus will be on client onboarding and managing pre-sales activities around the XTM Cloud translation management system. Andreas has over 10 years of experience in providing customer-centric language solutions that deliver value to enterprises. Prior to joining XTM International, he worked in technology-focused roles at Amplexor, most recently as Global Solutions Architect, responsible for aligning customer requirements with language technology solutions. During his career, he has also worked as a translator, project manager, and language technologies consultant.

“Andreas’ proven track record of implementing enterprise-level solutions and his excellent knowledge of language technology is complementary to XTM’s goals and focus for customers in the German-speaking region. We welcome Andreas to the growing XTM global team,” said Alex Zekakis, Global Solutions Architect Manager. We had a virtual coffee with Andreas and he shared his thoughts on the language industry, his experience and past accomplishments, and what brought him to XTM.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What changes and trends do you currently see with language technology?

Andreas Ljungström: With the emergence of neural machine translation in recent years and the never-ceasing demand for system connectivity, I think simplicity in terms of using advanced language technologies is going to be a key trend in the industry. Technology providers are now facing end-users who expect more and more out of technology with regards to ease of use and readily accessible, state-of-the-art features like terminology-infused NMT, AI-driven translation and review, and CMS integrations that can be handled by non-IT professionals. And obviously, automation, which is omnipresent in every tech-driven vertical today, is a trend that will continue well into the future. In my view, automation will grow more intelligent over the next few years and will increasingly be supported by AI.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: How long have you been working in localization? Why exactly did you choose this career path?

Andreas Ljungström: From very early on, I’ve always known that I wanted to work with languages. I started translating on the side as a student at Stockholm University in the late 90’s. Then I studied translation and interpreting at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where I also got my first taste of translation technology. I was immediately hooked!

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What does a solutions architect do at XTM? What is the most important part of an SA role?

Andreas Ljungström: The role of Solutions Architect is versatile, somewhat close to being a jack of all trades. My role is at the intersection of business and technology, the bulk of my job is to match business requirements with readily available technology solutions. At XTM, my primary responsibilities include implementing and providing technology support to XTM Cloud users. Liaising between clients’ teams and our internal teams is the bread and butter of my craft. Moreover, I manage client onboarding and all pre-sales activities including nurturing client relationships. Deep analytical skills are a must-have for this role to grapple how different layers of business and technology are interlinked and how to move between them efficiently. I listen, advise, empathize as well as guide companies on their way to efficient translation management.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: Why XTM?

Andreas Ljungström: In my previous job at Amplexor, I was part of the committee that selected XTM as the company’s “Online Translation Workbench”. I was then heavily involved in the roll-out of XTM Cloud in the Amplexor group – a huge undertaking! Over the last 6-7 years, I have been in close contact with many people at XTM and have shared my thoughts on the system’s architecture and contributed towards new features. Moving to XTM made perfect sense to me because it allows me to work with a tool I love, not to mention all the people at XTM I have known and respected for years.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: As a Solutions Architect with many years of experience, what kind of solutions have you provided in your career, do any really stand out?

Andreas Ljungström: I really like to look back at some of the long customer journeys I was fortunate to accompany as a consultant. I helped one of Switzerland’s largest corporations modernize their entire technology stack. We scrutinized the entire tool and process landscape, automating where it made sense and replaced what was outdated with modern technology. Over the course of 2-3 years, I saw them mature as buyers of language technology and services. I have also helped several clients select a translation management system, some of which are now major XTM users.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: Which XTM Cloud functionality do you consider most exciting?

Andreas Ljungström: I’ve always been a big fan of the subcontracting feature in XTM Cloud. Inviting a Language Service Provider to work on your XTM client with full data privacy, or connecting two XTM servers to exchange data seamlessly is amazingly simple in XTM Cloud. You can set up a connection between two XTM servers or clients in just a minute or two, and start collaborating on translation projects. It’s connectivity made simple.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What do you consider as the most innovative solution in the language technology space?

Andreas Ljungström: For sure, neural machine translation has revolutionized the industry in a very short timeframe, considering how long MT has been around. As a translator, I am often amazed at the fluency of the NMT output. More recently, I was very impressed with the work of the XTM AI team. Thanks to their achievements huge progress was made in terms of the quality of TM alignment, bilingual term extraction and AI-assisted inline placement – and there is more to come! I am sure we will see more advanced features like AI-assisted resource planning, more granular AI lookups and replacements and more intelligent QA.

Jagoda Modrzyńska: What inspires you?

Andreas Ljungström: I was a competitive athlete for many years. The Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger” was something that gave me intrinsic motivation – and it still does! I’m quite competitive and goal-oriented which has helped me a lot in my career.

We’re delighted to have Andreas on board, we wish him every success in his new role, and look forward to seeing how his solutions help XTM customers thrive with their businesses.