XTM LIVEStream 2021 – Get in the Zone

XTM LIVEStream 2021 – Get in the Zone

A successful localization program puts your name on everyone’s lips and your product on everyone’s wish list. To achieve it you need to balance automation with ingenuity. You need to balance client retention with client acquisition.

You need to get in the zone.

At XTM LIVEStream on November 18th, industry leaders will share their secrets of successful business growth, and the innovation that enables it.

  • You’ll find out where localization technology is heading, what rewards are waiting there and how you can claim your share.
  • You’ll hear the nuts and bolts of localization success stories from industry to industry, and take away the information you need to create your own playbook for global growth.
  • You’ll participate safe in the knowledge that your contact details will remain confidential, so you can take exactly what you want from the event and nothing more.

Like all the best parties, you’ll be impressed by the guest list.

Localization experts agree that Nimdzi Insights can open the door to global expansion. Join Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson on November 18th and find out what turns contenders into winners.

XTRF’s localization platform puts the user in control. Join Pauline Makles and learn how a global marketing expert delivers a global business advantage.

Nestle Global create value by fueling growth through continuous innovation. Join German Basterra and hear about the localization strategies that serve that goal.

Crown Equipment pioneer next-generation technology in manufacturing. Join Rocio Gray and learn more about connectivity that turbo-charges productivity.

Kentico Kontent’s digital platform future-proofs businesses and accelerates their digital transformation. Join Michael Andrews and hear how expert content deployment can unlock new markets.

Scaled Agile are experts in the centralization of strategic decision making. Join Yuka Kurihara and hear more about the business agility that enables business growth.

The Runkeeper app has users in 180 countries and is available in twelve languages. Join Grasi Hanke and find out why ASICS truly runs the world.

RS Components are champions of innovation and connectivity, helping engineers all over the world share good ideas and good practice. Join Fei Liu and hear more about innovation that drives expansion.

Starz network premium programming leads the way both domestically and globally. Join Yana Brown and hear more about localization that makes the whole world tune in.

The Wish mobile shopping app connects users with over half a million merchants all over the world. Join Brock Hansen and discover communication secrets that turn browsers into paying customers.

Gartner classes Intento as a “Cool Vendor for Conversational and Natural Language Technologies”, and we agree. Join Konstantin Savenkov and learn how the right AI integration platform can elevate global business development.

November 18th, 10.00am Eastern Standard Time.

Register here and get in the zone at XTM LIVEStream 2021.