XTM Mobile 2.4 – Upwardly Mobile

XTM Mobile 2.4 by XTM International

XTM Mobile 2.4 – Upwardly Mobile

Little over a month has passed since we released XTM Mobile 2.3, and now we’re back with a new and even better version. XTM Mobile 2.4 like any other product from the XTM Cloud family is user-led, and it’s your feedback that helps us keep improving. This new version, more than any other, is about ease of use, flexibility and agility.

Product Manager at XTM, Sara Basile commented,
“At XTM International, our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement underpins everything we do. With each release, we take one step further forward in delivering a localization management app that speaks to your needs. With XTM Mobile 2.4, we’re moving you closer to more productive localization management and a thoroughly satisfying user experience.”

Keep everyone in the loop

Keeping all participants up to date with new projects is vital for timely delivery. With XTM Mobile 2.4 we’ve made it easier than ever for you to keep everyone informed. It now takes just one click of a button to email an entire team about the upcoming project, directly from within XTM Mobile. You will love the simplicity and speed of knowledge sharing between you and your colleagues.

XTM Mobile 2.4 – Email assignees view

Find what you need more quickly

Searching for a project amidst dozens or even hundreds of others that look similar can be an energy drain. Things get complicated if all you have is a project ID or a date. With more search options in the advanced search, you will find what you’re looking for with a project ID, a customer or a date. Get to the right project more quickly and more easily.

XTM Cloud 2.4 XTM International
XTM Mobile 2.4 – Advanced search

In XTM Mobile 2.3 we’ve enabled you to generate costs and send purchase orders to linguists directly from within the app. XTM Mobile 2.4 delivers new cost filtering options enabling you to zoom in on the purchase orders you need more quickly. This is particularly useful when there are multiple costs associated with each project.

XTM Mobile 2.4
XTM Mobile 2.4 – Filter cost view

Read the release notes to learn more about the new features and enhancements.

We keep things simple so you can move faster. We make XTM Mobile better one step at a time. Each improvement is another step on an exciting journey. And we’re very happy that you are on this journey with us. With XTM International, you’re definitely upwardly mobile!