XTM Mobile v2.6 is here

XTM Mobile 2.6 by XTM International

XTM Mobile v2.6 is here

XTM Mobile 2.6 directly answers users who told us they want an even clearer picture of project progress, and greater control over project costs. Project metrics are now downloadable via the app, and linguist rate cards are now reviewable in the palm of the user’s hand.

“The latest version of XTM Mobile ensures that your stakeholders are in sync on project progress thanks to downloadable metrics while you can review costs in a more user friendly manner with access to the linguist’s rate cards. The end result is improved communication with all stakeholders and a more satisfying user experience.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager XTM International.

Download project metrics to your smartphone

Keep all participants informed on project progress with XTM Mobile 2.6. With the new release you can download project metrics and share data with stakeholders who aren’t app users before the project starts and as it moves forward. All project stakeholders are kept fully informed whether they are XTM Mobile users or not.

XTM Mobile 2.6 download project metrics
XTM Mobile 2.6 – Download project metrics

Instant access to linguist rate cards

In XTM Mobile 2.6, rate cards for each linguist are displayed in the app, for swift review that enables users to generate accurate project costs.

XTM Mobile 2.6 rate cards
XTM Mobile 2.6 – Rate cards view

Switch between screens with ease

XTM Mobile 2.6 introduces shortcuts enabling access to a preferred screen when opening the app. Create projects, add users, view customers or access settings even more quickly.

Here’s what XTM Mobile users have to say about the app:

“Superb financial management functionality – There is financial management functionality that helps me analyze and control costs, which is important to me. There’s no point in having a business app that doesn’t let us manage our business, and that means managing costs.”

“User-friendly advanced search options – I like the advanced search options. I can find information quickly, which is exactly what I want from a project management tool.“

XTM is client-led, and many of the upgrades in XTM Cloud and XTM Mobile are a direct result of user feedback. We’re delighted with your feedback and we value your suggestions for further enhancements, so please log in to XTM On Demand and share them with us via XTM WishList.

XTM Mobile 2.6 is now available for download from Google Play and Apple store.

For further information on XTM Mobile 2.6, please refer to the release notes.