New XTM v9.7 — With Enhanced Translator Productivity

New XTM v9.7 — With Enhanced Translator Productivity

New XTM v9.7 — With Enhanced Translator Productivity

The new release of XTM 9.7.

The newly released version of XTM 9.7 presents a significant improvement to translator productivity. The newly developed terminology recognition feature automatically displays source terms found in the active segment, together with their translations. They are displayed to the right in the window at the foot of XTM Editor screen, which perfectly complements the new concordance docked panel.

When Neil Armstrong laid his foot on the moon for the first time, he said the famous sentence — That’s
one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.
The new approach to terminology which follows the revolution in concordance is more than it appears to be at first glance. Concordance and terminology are the obvious small step, but by putting them together like this they make a wholly new leap for XTM and translator productivity.

Since translations for all terms in the segment are at hand and concordance does not need to cover the screen nor prevent translators from working, it is now possible for translators to do all critical translation operations without taking their hands off the keyboard. This is a milestone in terms of linguistic productivity.

With custom configuration of key shortcuts, it is possible to copy the source text to target, paste TM fuzzy matches, insert inline elements, check terminology and concordance, move between segments and more without even touching the mouse. What is more, translators can decide to increase or decrease the space used for displaying the terms, depending on a project so that utilization of screen space is always optimised.

The new release has also brought other interesting features to aid linguists and project managers in their work, including greater context for translation projects with a pivot language, information from terminology custom fields and various other terminology improvements.

Prepare for the change. Dock concordance and terminology at the foot of XTM Editor and reach a new productivity level!

Read the release notes to discover all of the features included in the XTM v9.7 release!

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