XTM Wish List – Your wish is our command

XTM Wish List - Your is our command

XTM Wish List – Your wish is our command

At XTM International we never forget that technology, however advanced, exists to serve people, not to replace them. And we never forget that technology providers, however innovative, exist to respond to user needs. We reached out to you, our users, for your thoughts, not only on what we’ve delivered but on what would add particular value in 2021 and beyond.

XTM Wish List, our new feature request portal, available from XTM On Demand is your opportunity to make your voice heard and shape your user experience. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

The portal is your platform for submitting feedback and suggesting new features. Comment and vote on what you see and play an active part in creating future versions of the XTM product portfolio. Together, we’ll keep improving a great product that speaks to your precise needs.

Let’s dive right in.

XTM Feature Request Portal – What’s new?

XTM Feature Request Portal has all recently-launched items across our product portfolio including the latest additions to XTM Cloud, namely Filter templates, a beta version of AI-enhanced TM, interactive preview for video subtitles and many others. Do you have any thoughts or comments on the recently launched features? Would you like us to consider a new use case that’s relevant to you? Tell us what you think.

XTM product feature portal
XTM Wish List

How to submit feedback

Explore the existing features on the portal and select one that you want to share your feedback on. Help us set priorities and channel resources into what matters to you.

Here’s how you can submit your feedback:

1. Log in to XTM On Demand.
2. Click on a card.
3. Add an importance label.
4. Fill in the form.
5. Enter your email address.
6. Click Submit.

And remember to check out our Release Notes and Knowledge Base to stay ahead of the latest features.

Shaping the road ahead

Do you have a brand new feature idea that you’d like us to consider for the roadmap? Tell us what matters to you and we’ll make it happen.

How to submit a feature idea

Submitting your feature ideas is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:
1. Log in to XTM On Demand.
2. Click on the Submit idea button in the top right-hand side corner of the page.
3. Type in your idea.
4. Add an importance label.
5. Enter your email address.
6. Click Submit.

Describe your feature idea in detail. Tell us why it’s important and what challenges it solves. The more detail you provide, the better our product will serve you. Our Product Team will review all ideas coming in through the portal, and consider it for the future versions of XTM products.

Be sure to sign up for XTM On Demand to stay ahead of the latest features!

You ask, we deliver

Some of the things you asked for were challenging, but we like a challenge. If delivering a market-leading translation management system was easy, anyone could do it. Here are some of the bridges we’ve already helped you cross:

Challenge: How can I translate video subtitles with ease so I don’t have to make changes to the video content after it’s been produced? How can I speed up time to market and get video subtitles right first time?

Solution: In XTM Cloud 12.7, we’ve introduced a beta version of interactive preview for video subtitles. This means linguists can translate and review subtitles in context within a video player in XTM Visual Mode. It’s possible to open a video player in a different browser tab or window so you can translate subtitles on one screen and preview translated text on another.

Challenge: As a project manager, how can you help me to be better informed about updated source files or due dates, so I’m ready to respond to changing needs as quickly and purposefully as possible?

Solution: Details of updated source files and due dates are now easily accessible from within the Project listings page and via Advanced search. The information you need to make swift, informed decisions is more easily accessible than ever before.

Challenge: I like a wide choice of project templates but I’d like to be able to pinpoint the template I want more quickly.

Solution: We’ve extended the API method used to find project templates, enabling you to find what you want based on custom fields.

When you talk, we listen. Your feedback pushes us to keep doing better. With Wish List, you’re shaping the future of XTM products including XTM Cloud, XTM Portal and XTM Mobile. They belong to you every bit as much as they belong to us. Together, we’ll keep meeting the challenges and keep reaching higher.

Go ahead and rub the lamp. If you’re an XTM user, your wish is our command.