Configuring your XTM

Configuring your XTM

As an Administrator in XTM you need to configure your translation management system to suit your internal processes and help your PMs do their job efficiently and securely.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Customize language combinations
  • Manage continuous project settings
  • Customize project settings
  • Create custom workflows and templates
  • Manage TM features
With XTM, there are multiple ways to provide solutions to fit the needs of all users. This recording of a live session is intended for XTM Administrators, who have the exclusive right to access and configure system settings.

A plethora of options

Administrators can navigate to the XTM settings via the Configuration cog. The features available include managing your personal information, handling subscription or billing data, and setting language combinations/groups and project/terminology custom fields. The advantage of managing settings at the global level is that once you have set them up, the rules become the default settings throughout the system. However many of these settings can then be modified as required at the customer or project level.


Settings can be configured in many ways. Automatic calculation of due dates, creation of workflow steps for linguists/reviewers as well as defining their access rights to the system assets are just a few examples of XTM’s easy-to-use features. This video will show you how to use all of XTM’s advanced features to your advantage.

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