Machine translation and post-editing

Machine translation and post-editing

Would you like to tap into the potential of machine translation? Do you want to see a tangible reduction of vendor costs? Would you like to harness the power of a sophisticated translation tool? You can have all of this with the translation management system XTM.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Activate MT engines in XTM
  • Configure MT
  • Post-edit translation
Learn how to speed up the translation process to deliver top-quality linguistic services on time and assert your position as an efficient and reliable vendor.

A wealth of MT options

Using machine translation in XTM as part of your translation process increases productivity and enhances human effort. XTM has been equipped with thirteen machine translation engines to choose when creating a project, depending on the global settings determined by the Administrator. Project Managers can override the default system settings on a customer/project level and utilise a number of MT configurations available for different types of projects.

Human touch

More often than not, MT output requires human intervention, or post-editing, so that the quality of translation meets an acceptable level. With XTM, you can easily make corrections to the pre-translated text to ensure that the post-edited text is clear and understandable in the target language.

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