Managing the enterprise terminology life cycle with TermWeb and XTM

Managing the enterprise terminology life cycle with TermWeb and XTM

XTM Cloud, a leading translation management system, together with TermWeb, automates and centralizes terminology management for your business.

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Learn how to:

  • Activate TermWeb for term management in XTM
  • Manage your company’s terminology in TermWeb
  • Suggest new terms from within the XTM Workbench
  • Create term approval workflows in TermWeb
The tight integration of TermWeb and XTM streamlines the management and use of terms, helping to ensure their accurate and consistent use in all your content.

Terminology database on your terms

TermWeb provides easy-to-navigate dictionaries for industry-specific terms with customizable sections, filters and search options. Permissions can be assigned by user group, and workflows can be created in line with users’ needs.

Smart term suggestion

Terms previously entered into TermWeb will display as ready-to-use translation suggestions in XTM Workbench. All terms added in XTM Workbench will be automatically transferred to TermWeb and, vice versa, terms added to TermWeb will be displayed in XTM.

Flexible term approval workflows

TermWeb lets you create term approval workflows and apply them directly in XTM. Once the workflow has been configured in the software, it is mapped directly onto XTM Workbench. Workflows can be customized according to your preferences by specifying conditions.

Automation and flexibility

Batch editing is the most efficient way to deal with high volumes of terms to validate or reject. In TermWeb, there is a GridView to bulk change statuses of terms across languages reducing manual work. Additionally, the terminology management software allows you to export and import terms to and from Excel.

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